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Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency
"Thank you for the opportunity"

Success Stories

Since thousands are now using the Liberty Dollar, we thought we'd share some of their stories. If you want to share your success using the Liberty Dollar, please send to and we'll try to feature it here.

" I couldn't believe the overwhelmingly positive response I got tonight. "
Matt Whitlock, Gainesville, FL

I couldn't believe the overwhelmingly positive response I got tonight.

I ordered some pizzas online from my local Domino's and the total was $14.89. I had three tens and three ones in my wallet, but I felt like spreading some Liberty, so I left two of the tens on my desk and took a $100 bill from my drawer and added it to my wallet. Thus, I set out to pick up my pizza (I never have it delivered) with $113 USD and $2 ALD.

When I got there and the guy at the counter told me the total, I opened my wallet and thumbed through the bills and told him, "I'm a bit short on small bills at the moment. I can give you fifteen if you take Liberty Dollars," and I put the fifteen on the counter, "or I have this," taking out and holding up the hundred, "if you can break a hundred."

The guy smiled and said, "I don't know if we take Liberty Dollars, let me ask," and he went back to the prep tables to ask the manager.

They both came back to the counter and the manager picked up the bills I had laid on the counter and held them up, and they both began to read the text printed on them. I just stood there quietly and calmly while they read the text to themselves. The guy was smiling and nodding as he read.

When they finished, the guy made a comment like, "that's awesome," and I told them briefly about how it's a private competitor to the Federal Reserve like FedEx is to the postal service and how it's inflation-proof because it's backed by silver, which has real value, rather than being backed by nothing. And the manager said, "that's really cool," took a couple of dollars out of her pocket, put them in the cash drawer, and said, "there, problem solved." She went off into the back, still holding up the Liberty Dollar certificates and reading them again. The guy was smiling the entire time.

This was my first attempt at spending Liberty Dollars, and I'm amazed at the reaction I got. It seems people really are concerned about the state of the dreaded FRNs and are ready and willing to accept a better alternative.

" It's happening "
Dan Doering, Cheektowaga, NY

As you know, I am dedicated and a true believer in the Liberty Dollar. Thirty years ago when I was in my late teens and then twenty's, I was a customer of a gas station in Buffalo, NY. Three brothers owned it and they were all bachelors. Robert, who was in his 40's at that time told me that the money system was corrupted. That the Federal Reserve Note was not owned by the government. The green paper that I worked all week for was not "lawful money."

I couldn't believe that I had been deceived by the schools system and the media. At first I thought that Bob was a fool or at least had his facts backward, anyway that conversation prompted me to do the research. What I found was so unbelievable, but what could I do about it?

There was no solution till Mr. Griffin and you came up with a solution. I found that alternative at Clarita's Hair Salon on Transit Road, Clarence, NY about 8 years ago. I have been a supporter since then.

Yes, it takes effort. Yes it is difficult to educate the people. Yes, some of them don't believe what I tell them. Yes, sometimes they think I'm a nut.

But, the satisfaction of seeing the faces glow when they see the beautiful Liberty Dollar makes the effort worthwhile. More and more people are learning the truth. I guess that about 70 percent of the people that I show it to give me positive encouragement.

I give credit to the internet. It would be much harder without it. The article from the Clev. Fed. By Bruce Champ hasn't hurt.

I think of that radical intellectual Thomas Paine who used his own capital to have his book "Common Sense" printed some 235 years ago. But he did it and it helped to affect change for the better. That is our charge today.

To answer your question, I have not been paying too much attention to the California Liberty. I have been out in the field, spending Liberties on every day items, food, clothing, gas. However I shall do some serious study this weekend.

"these Silver Libertys are spending like hotcakes"

Nicolas Leobold, New York City, NY

I'm experiencing incredible success spending with Liberty Dollars. In the past two weeks, I've made the following purchases with $10 or $20 dollar Silver Liberty, all at face value (I've NEVER been offered LESS than face value for a LD in my life):

1. 5 taxicab rides in Manhattan, received change
2. Paid for popcorn, bottle of water and a candy at the movie concession stand.
3. Bought a table lamp today for a $20 Liberty plus four FRN dollar bills.
4. Bought half a dozen donuts at Dunkin Donuts yesterday.
5. Purchased a signed copy of John Chodes' "Destroying the Republic: Jabez Curry and the Re-education of the Old South" when he spoke at the Manhattan LP meeting on Monday.
6. Bought a bagel and cream cheese for $1.50 with a $10 Liberty across from Grand Central Station at a Korean grocery, received $8.50 change. The Korean guy was laughing in joy the whole time holding the coin.
7. Spent 3 $20 Liberty pieces over the past 2 months at a local Ukrainian diner.
8. Tipped the bartender after the Manhattan LP meeting with a $10 Liberty and gave her a brochure.
9. Exchanged a $10 piece for $8.50 for an Associate we met at the screening of Aaron Russo's "From Freedom to Fascism" on Long Island.

Folks, these Silver Libertys are spending like hotcakes. It's all a matter of attitude. We're doing people a favor and restoring value to America. Typical conversations I've had using the Liberty Dollar:

"What is this?!"
"It's a $20 dollar silver piece. It's pure silver."
"Is it real?"
"Yes, it's real. It's pure silver."
"This is new, right?"
"Yup. 1995, 1996. Pure silver. It's a Liberty Dollar."
"Can I use this?" "Sure, you can use it to buy anything. You just can't pay your taxes with it."
"Is this legal to use?"
"Absolutely. It's 100% legal. The U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Federal Reserve all confirm that it's completely legal and legitimate. You just can't say that it's 'legal tender.'"
"Can I buy that one from you? Do you have any more?"
"Sure, I have a few pieces here, and some certificates. Give me your email, I'll send you some more information."
"I'm keeping this. I'm buying it for myself."

"It's a greatlife"

S. Coerper, Raleigh, NC

Got my Starter Kit today, also visited a restaurant and they want 10 Libertys in a week. I'm very nearly out. It's a great life.

"It was awesome"
M. Symonds, Dallas, TX

I am writing this to Liberty Dollar in hopes that it can be used to help with
support. This weekend I had the honor of attending a rally in my
state capital (Austin). I had the chance to meet face to face with
other RC's. I had a lot of fun and got to help educate a lot of
people. It was awesome.

I am also proud to say that my entire trip was funded with The Liberty Dollar. I used it everywhere I went. My main reason for
writing this is to let the people, who are RC's and are not active
know. It's time to get active and get the currency into the hands of
the people.

I read the news letter from last month and was a little disturbed at
what the news paper article said. I am here to tell you that the
major chains and businesses will accept them. Here is a list of some
of the places I used them.

Joe's Fina Mart / Placido TX
James Texaco / Lolita TX
Jack In The Box / Austin TX
Chevron / Schulenburg TX
McDonalds / Port Lavaca TX
Wal-Mart / Port Lavaca TX
Reeds Grocery / Odem TX
Exxon / Odem TX
H.E.B. (a major grocery store through out Texas) / Sinton TX
Dos Hermanos Mexican Food / Edna TX (They also got $80 worth from me
before I left)
Texaco / Richmond TX
Baskins Outlet Mall (Tommy Hilfiger Store) / Livingston TX
Pizza Hut / Sinton TX
To name just a few......

I used only Liberty Dollars at each of these places and as you can
see most are major chains. On my road trip I spent over $700 in the
Liberty Dollars. I only had one place reject it because they had
received it before and their bank said it was not accepted there.
After a brief explanation on how to use it as a Liberty Merchant at a
profit he gladly (the owner) took the info and one Liberty Dollar and
was eager to look at it from that standpoint.

This was one of my most enjoyable trips in a long time. My wife even
spent some along with my grandmother. My mother is the manager of a
chain of Pizza Huts, she is going to bring it up at the next board
meeting about the profit that can be earned by becoming a Liberty
Merchant. She was real excited about it believes that this is the
answer for all the problems we experience today. She will gladly
accept them at her stores and put them back into the hands of the

So as you can see, this is the time to start spending and bring this
country back to value on dollar at a time. The people I encountered
are FED UP.... And again it's fun...

"I'm so pumped..."
A. Haas

I'm bursting with excitement and I just have to tell someone about this.
I got my packet on Friday. I had made up a 2-page FAQ in anticipation of the kit, so I printed and made several copies. Then I attached a brochure to each FAQ. Then, Saturday, I nervously I went to the local Giant Eagle grocery store.

On my way in, a guy from one of those portrait places stopped me. I struck up a conversation with him, showed him the Liberty Dollars and left a informational kit with him. He was reading intently as I walked away.

I picked up the groceries I needed, and then headed to the checkout line. The total was $18.37. So, I pulled out a $10 FRN and a $10 Liberty and casually handed it over. The cashier ooohhed and aahed, but she had to check with the manager, to which I said sure. She came back with the manager following and said she couldn't take it, since they didn't know about it and the bank wasn't open.

I said that's ok, it's been used only 4 years, so many people still haven't seen it yet, but here's some information about the private currency and you can contact the organization or visit their website. I then paid in FRN’s.

Just now, I went to the local Sav-A-Lot grocery store. The total was $11.19, so I pulled out a $10 Liberty and a $10 FRN. The cashier was intrigued and said she had never seen these before. I nonchalantly said it was a new silver-backed private currency being used for 4 years, and the piece she was holding was genuine silver. I also handed her a information kit so she could do some reading about it.

To my complete and utter surprise, she handed me change - in FRN's. I acted like this was completely normal, though I was so excited. I slowly walked out of the store, though half expecting someone to collar me and tell me I had to come back and pay in FRN's.

Then I came home, and handed an information kit to my next door neighbor, showed him the currency and told him to spread the word.

I had a good day. I'm so pumped. That first one was hard. But, Giant Eagle has some items I want on sale next week, so I going to another branch and see what happens.

"I had no idea it could be this easy"

J. Pratt, Austin, TX

I've had great fun and great success using the Liberty Dollar since I came across it a few months ago. It's a simple and easy way to be an activist for change in America.

I've used the currency in restaurants, shopping malls, as charitable donations, and in a ton of convenience stores. I always carry around a couple of Silver Libertys and look forward to taking them out of my pocket. The person on the other side of the counter is always impressed when you drop it into their hand. If the store is not too busy, it's a great way to talk to them about the nature of money.

I had no idea it could be this easy to switch to a different currency. I'm planning to work hard to get the word out in Texas - I want as many Liberty Merchants to accept the Liberty Dollar as possible!

"One lady was amazed..."
R. Olson, Alcoa, TN

I just went to three different places this morning. Each time I handed the cash register person a $10.00 Liberty (one troy ounce silver round). No questions asked, they just handed me change in those dreaded NON-federal NON-reserve NON-notes. One lady was amazed and put it in her pocket & put a $10 FRN from her purse into the cash register. Also for the last three days I had someone trade me a $10 FRN for a $10 Silver Liberty!

"We can make a difference!"

B. Ibarra, Austin, TX

Hey folks, Just another message about my recent use of the Liberty Dollar, especially for the Austinites out there.... Get ready to add a couple of more locations to your list to spend the Liberty Dollar at...

Thursday night at the Exxon Tigermart by IH 35 and 7th street...

A cop was talking to the girl at the register as I paid for two bottles of water... the cop immediately saw the silver and said, "What in the world is that?"

"Ten dollars in pure silver!" "Holy cow (or words to that effect)!! If I had ten dollars now I'd buy it!"

He ended up making a deal with the cashier for the silver, because she wanted it as well... I let them both have one, since I had another in the car!!

Today, Austin Liberty Dollar Users, I spent it at:

BW3's, 6th street - food and beer
24 Hour Store, 6th Street - gum and a lottery ticket (I won $2)
Solera - 4th (?) and Colorado - beer

The Solera one was great! It's a new bar/Restaurant right by the Alamo drafthouse cinema and Miguel's La Bodeca. The bartender, Pat, thought it was great... took it back to the manager who ended up buying it for himself... came out and asked me if it was real... I said it was .999 pure, just like it said... a waiter came up to look and said, "That is so cool!! We should go back to that!!"

Even waiters at upscale Mexican food restaurants know the value of silver!!, folks if you're interested!! Real money, guaranteed value!! We can make a difference!! Liberty Dollar rules!!

"Agreed to accept the Liberty Dollar from anyone riding in his cab"

C. Athanas, Austin, TX

I have one important number to add to our list: (512) 825-2325.

This number belongs to Dwayne Schmidt who operates a cab here in Austin. I recently exchanged some silver and paper so he could have samples in his cab. I also mailed him the silver labels for him to put in his cab, because he has agreed to accept the Liberty Dollar from anyone riding in his cab. I promised him that we would advertise for him.

"The COSTCO Connection"

Marcel Bendshadler, Portland, OR

My wife Susan and I were at a local COSTCO warehouse club and had made what is usually a small purchase of $128 in various food and other items. We went through the checkout and were rung up then Susan ran her ATM/Debit card through the machine, but since the card was new, she couldn't remember the new PIN! What a state we were in, she kept trying, but kept getting rejected. So, I asked cashier if they accepted "Cash" and "Travelers Checks" and was greeted in the affirmative. I pulled out $60 in Liberty Checks and the rest in ALC and was greeted by the usual looks of "What is this?"

After being "kicked upstairs" to TWO managers, one of whom calls the Liberty Dollar but it was after hours, they come back and tell me they will accept it as cash. This is my largest purchase with the Liberty Dollar to date.

M. Day, Simla, CO

Mr. Bernard Von NotHaus, sir, There is a word for people like you. That word is "patriot". I realize that in some quarters this has become akin to an insult but believe me I do not regard it so. I thank you Mr. Von NotHaus, from the bottom of my heart for your effort to restore our monetary system to "We the people". I am not a man of great means, however I will be joining the Liberty Dollar, and becoming a Liberty Associate as soon as I can collect a sufficient amount of fiat to do so. In the meantime I shall be "shouting from the rooftops" to let people know that there IS in fact a means by which we as Americans can fight an unjust system, without blood in our streets. Thank You!

"Moving this money left and right"

C. Athanas, Austin, TX

I gotta tell you, I'm moving this money left and right...Sac-N-Pac, retreat centers, students!...I'm going to start sharing it at the cafeteria lines once I get my stash from von Nothaus...

"I can't wait to spend more!"
B. Ibarra, Austin, TX

Well... guess what... I SPENT MY FIRST $10 PIECE!! I've been carrying it around in my pocket for a bit, waiting to spend it somewhere. Tuesdays, I head into San Marcos for school after work. I usually head to the Taco Bell before for some healthy fare. I placed my order and pulled out a $5 dollar bill and the Liberty Dollar coin... the cashier flipped out and said, to the effect, "Cool!! What is that?"

To which I replied, "A ten dollar silver piece". He thought it was the greatest thing and even wanted to trade his bucks for it, which I think he did. I also put in a plug for the site and how important it was to use true silver backed money. Bottom line, though, is that I spent it!!! AND on my first try!!

I'd like to get some more silver from you this weekend and give it another try!!
If it keeps working out, I might start getting more a month to get the word out and spend with silver. Anyway, I'll contact you later!! I can't wait to spend more!! AND it's my birthday the 15th!! Take it easy Chris, and thanks for encouraging me to use the Liberty Dollar! I really feel like this stuff could make a difference and open people's eyes.

"Wife was getting mad that I was spending so much time talking about it"
J. Kotchounian, North Branch, MI

Here are 2 great stories: First a few weeks back I went to a freedom seminar,
I took just over 300 Liberty Dollars and spent around 80.00. There was around 100 people there and everyone loved the money. I came back with 12.00. Every one was buying money right & left.

Second I went on vacation to TN. I took again around 300.00 liberty dollars and when I came back I had 34.00. I had no problem using the money the only problem was my wife was getting mad that I was spending so much time talking about it. I used it in over 15 stores.

"Great positive experience for my first time!"
B. Ibarra and C. Athanas, Austin, TX

Just another little bit about my first Liberty Dollar purchase... I went back to Taco Smell and one of the workers there, an old friend of mine from the days when I worked there, said I created quite a fuss over the silver piece... My first thought was that the bank wouldn't take it, but she said that once everyone saw it, they all wanted one!! I told her that I would bring some more through there and she said they would be happy to take it... to put it into circulation!! What a great positive experience for my first time!! That is pretty cool. People really do understand the inherent value of silver. Anyway, as for your reply, thanks for the continued affirmations!! It truly does make me feel like I'm doing something right and good for everyone!

Pretty cool, eh? As for becoming an RC, I would like to discuss this further and take advantage of your offer once I clear my plate for the summer. I think it would be a good idea and money wouldn't be a problem.... I'll hold off until late May and get started... I hope you don't mind if I use your center for my supply? No problem. Just wanted to make you aware of what RC's are for... Now, another hypothetical question... you did mention that the banks wouldn't take it if a business tried to deposit it... True. Now, if I went to a place consistently and spent the cash there and they came back to me, refused to take the money again because they couldn't put it away... This may happen. But if it does, you can tell them about the Liberty Dollar checks. Or they can give them back to their customers as change. If the business becomes an RC, they can get the silver at a discount and give it as change and make a slight profit.

There are a few RC's that will exchange the Liberty Dollar back to FRN's on a voluntary case-by-case basis. This is not encouraged by the Liberty Dollar (for obvious reasons, and the Liberty Dollar will only redeem for the Gold or Silver), but for some folks it makes them feel better about the currency. And that's all we really want... and possibly tried to have me nailed for fraud/counterfeiting, what would happen then? Since the silver is REAL, and was accepted VOLUNTARILY, I don't think anyone can indict you for anything. Is barter illegal? The silver is just an advanced form of barter. I will sometimes leave my card, and if people have questions, they know where to contact me. I have yet to be contacted. Could it really develop into that big of a deal?

I really don't think so, but anything is possible these days. They would probably go after the Liberty Dollar, not some individual person. But the Liberty Dollar has really done their homework, and have several published mainstream articles with statements from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. They both have said "so be it" to the currency, and that was over 2 years ago. I think if they were going to do something about the currency, they would have done it by now.

As you can read on the Liberty Dollar site, people have been attempting to deposit the currency in banks. Nothing happened other than the rejection of the silver currency. No charges filed, nobody was arrested. The banks just coughed it out like it was poison (because it is to their big funny money system!)

Thanks again, Chris, you and the rest of the RealityExpander/There4IAm bunch are the greatest! We are all just individuals, approaching the same problems with our own unique perspectives. It's a lot of fun!

"Signed up over the phone"

M. Jones, Liberty Dollar, Evansville, IN

Michael Famolare from New Hampshire, called the Liberty Dollar office and said he’d heard about us from a post-it board in a store. He then went and checked out our website, called our office and signed up as a Liberty Associate over the phone. Since he learned about the Liberty Dollar from an article in a store, he didn’t have a sponsor. So he picked a sponsor from the list of RCs in New Hampshire, to help support his state.

"This is a blast! The word's getting out!"
B. Ibarra, Austin, TX

OK Chris, Though I'm still "batting a thousand" with the Liberty Dollar silver, I'm now 1-2 with the paper Liberty Dollar... and it's a BIG one....So I'm doing my grocery shopping and checking out... I still have those dollars from our exchange from yesterday in my wallet... As the cash guy checks out my groceries and I end the transaction with the debit card, at the last minute, I "forget" to get a pack of Wrigley Doublemint gum "Plen-T Pack"... I put it up and offer the Liberty Dollar ... the exchange was pretty normal..."What's this?"

"It's a new currency backed by silver." "Wow... it's like a dollar?" "Yes, but it's actually backed by silver".

(Entering into his register the amount of a $1 cash...)

"So is this paper actually worth anything more than a dollar?" (words to this effect) "It's worth more than all of those dollars in your register... "

I'm going to go ahead and continue using my passive/aggressive tack for my usage...

it seems to be working for me... I will always give a choice and make them feel comfortable if they would rather take the FRN's and definitely be polite about it...
A new thing I will start, though, is when they ask where I got it from, I'll say I got it as change from somewhere... get it in their head that they can pass it on to others...This is a blast!! The word's getting out!!!

"It's fun, and very simple."
L. Farrenkopf, Victor, MT

Chris' method of offering silver as payment is very similar to what I have done here in MT at gas stations. Here you pump, then you go in and pay. I get exactly $10 in fuel, then lay my payment on the counter - a $10 FRN and a Silver Liberty. Invariably, any clerk with ANY brains or personality will ask "What's this?" I tell them it's an ounce of silver. "What's it for?" (duh) I answer, "I got $10 in gas, you just choose." Many times they will take the silver. It's fun, and very simple.

"I'm really excited about becoming an RC now"

B. Ibarra, Austin, TX (now a Liberty Associate)

This is soooooo easy!!! AND fun!! I spent all of it today just like I would normally... one at Red Lobster to pay for a Margarita for my mother ("wow, this is the neatest thing!"), and at a gas station, a Quix/Mobil ("What is this?"/"It's a ten dollar silver piece"/"Silver? I'm going to get this after work!") I'm ready to get another twenty from you? It's really not that big of a deal if you're busy. How does your day look tomorrow (Saturday)?

I'm really excited about becoming an RC now... I might be able to jump on this earlier than the summer, seeing as how my recent success in using it has encouraged me even more. I'll get back to you on that if the possibility presents itself. For now, I'm now waiting for the experience of being turned down. Chris, thanks for everything! Sorry to bug you w/all these "success" stories, but it just makes me so excited knowing that this stuff is working. Not only that, but I'm not as scared of this being some sort of Amway-esque scheme!

Thanks again Chris!

"A few more insisted they wanted it"
E. Rivera, Redondo Beach, CA.

I took some beautiful Liberty Currency to my Kiwanis meeting the other day and when it came time to do the "happy dollar" donation I said: "I am happy that I have a real gold backed happy certificate to give instead of an old FRN". And as I placed my contribution into the basket one of my fellow Kiwanians asked if he could buy the Liberty Dollar. Then a few more insisted they wanted it. They ended up auctioning it off for $5.00! Then they asked that I bring the information on how they can have their own Liberty Dollars.

"Convince a man against his will, and he goes on believing still"

D. Doering, Cheektowaga, NY

Having obtained about sixty dollars in ALC and Several Coins of Silver, I proceeded to spend this new money.

Along with my sister, I am a caregiver for my 89 year old Aunt and Uncle. I periodically purchase a dinner from Boston Market for them. Last week, I tendered a five and a one at one of the many local stores this national establishment. The clerk took the Liberty Dollar with no questions asked. I made no big deal of this and was handed my dinner to go.

The next day, I purchased breakfast at McDonalds. I tendered four one's in Liberty Dollars. This time, I had to explain to the manager that the only "money" in the country (Per. US Constitution Article 1 Section 10) is gold and silver coin.
(I always carry the "Pocket Constitution" from the CATO Institute.) I also asked her to get the Phone Book for Buffalo. I then asked her to look up "FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK, Buffalo Branch."

She found it in the Yellow Pages.

In this fashion I was able to convince her that she was dealing with a private corporation when she conducted business with a Federal Reserve Note. I also had to show this manager the $10 silver coin. This manager accepted the Liberty Dollar as payment for the breakfast.

That evening, I presented $3.00 to Burger King. Same routine as McDonalds. This manager also accepted the Liberty Dollar.

Last Friday, I was in Columbus, Ohio. I was cold calling for a business associate, Lenny Roberto, owner of Batavia Enclosures. Lenny stopped dealing with the IRS the first of this year. He is also involved with our group and has spoken with Dick Simkanin. See

Many national companies are based in Ohio; it is a very friendly state for businesses. Nationwide Insurance, Bob Evans, Wendy's Hamburgers to name a few are prominent corporate citizens. Dave Thomas of Wendy's [once lived] in the same town as my brother (Worthington, a suburb of Columbus.)

As a salesman, I realized that the financial officers of the major companies should become aware of the Liberty Dollar. As I passed the Corporate Headquarters for Bob Evans, I decided to make a cold call on behalf of the Liberty Dollar. Bob Evans is a Christian-based company.

I presented the Liberty Dollar and Silver Liberty to the receptionist. I asked her if I could speak to the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

To my surprise, I was told that he would be right out.

When I met this gentleman, I presented the Liberty Dollar brochure to him and showed him the currency. I urged him to learn more by reading going to the Liberty Dollar website and to read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and "Secrets of the Temple." He said he would look into it. (I will dig out his card and send the info to you.)

I believe in gentle persuasion. No hard selling for this guy. My motto is:
"Convince a man against his will, and he goes on believing still"

For the Liberty Dollar to become accepted by the public, the CEO's of consumer oriented corporations and their Chief Financial Officers must become aware of the Liberty Dollar. In these examples, I have chosen the fast food industry. Wal-Mart, Big K, Target, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books, to name a few, are places where people spend a lot of cash.

Acceptance of the Liberty Dollar just grows and grows.

T.J., Calabasas, CA

Update on June 19, 2000 post regarding Office Depot. Since June 19th, Office Depot in Northridgte has been accepting Liberty Dollars at the copy counter. I have used them there about six times. Recently, at a coffee stand in the Topanga Mall outside Nordstroms, my wife purchased an iced coffee for which I gave the person a 5 bill. Acceptance of the Liberty Dollar just grows and grows.

"95% of the businesses accept the currency."
C. Athanas, Austin, TX

I just got back from a trip from San Francisco. I brought about $200 Silver Libertys and about $30 in Liberty Dollar singles.

I spent all of it.

I spend it at StarBucks, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, two Thai food restaurants,
a smoke shop and several coffee shops.

I simply hand them the silver $10 coin as payment. 95% of the businesses accept the currency.

I try to be as nonchalant as possible. Sometimes the merchant will ask me if I "really want to spend this". I always reply yes. Some people give it back. I don't argue with them, I just hand them FRN's. You may attempt other techniques, but this is the best one for me so far.

I left the singles as tips. I don't try to exchange the paper currency as much, as the silver is so much more successful.

"I now pay for my lunch in real money"
V. Callaway, Tacoma, WA

I am a regular at a little greasy spoon near my office, the cook and I frequently talk about politics and the general state of freedom in the US.

The day after I received my redemption center package I was reading the "Y2K Money" book at lunch. Well, the cook started quizzing me on the book and I took the opportunity to explain the Liberty Dollar to him. He made the snide comment that he would believe that it was real money if he could deposit it in his bank account. Well, I took him up on the challenge and gave him a buck.

The next day he said he walked into the local Bank of America branch and asked the manager if they accepted the Liberty Dollar. The manager said yes and accepted his Liberty Dollar for deposit.

I now pay for my lunch in real money.

"It pays to think out of the box"

D. Stehling, Black Mountain, NC

It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, and although I was sure that most chain stores are not accepting the Liberty Dollar yet, I decided to go ahead and ask the young man at the checkout in the electronics department at Walmart in Faribault, MN if they were accepting the new American Liberty Currency (ALC) yet. He didn't know, so he called his supervisor to find out.

Well, much to my surprise, he said "Yes"! Well, I was amazed! Normally, I do not like to shop at Walmart, but now I will be pleased to give them some of my business, now that that are helping the American people regain their country.

Then, just a little later, after picking up a few more items, I decided to ask again at the main checkout lines if they were accepting the Liberty Dollar yet. The lady had not seen it before, and asked her supervisor who was nearby. The supervisor told her "yes" and then shouted out to another clerk, "Hey, here is the new Liberty Dollar people have been asking about!", and then she held it up for all of the customers and checkouts to see.

So, you see, it pays to think "out of the box" of your own self-imposed limitations, and just ask about the Liberty Dollar - even in the most unlikely "corporate" situations!

P.S. And, speaking about "out of the box" thinking, you should risk having a "Matrix" experience yourself, by clicking on my new web site below:

"Yes, we accept it"
T.J., Calabasas, CA

Today, June 19, 2000 I went to Office Depot on Parthenia in Northridge, California to buy some cover stock. The cost was $7.57 FRNs. I handed the cashier a 10 Liberty Dollar bill upon seeing which the cashier said, "We don't accept that."

I said, "O.K. I'll pay you with this, handing him a 10 FRN note, but I would like my change in silver backed, please." showing him the Liberty Currency I had in my wallet.

The cashier said, "We don't have any."

I said, "Why not? It is real money; it's more real than this which is debt!"

At this point he looked toward the manager who came over, and showed him the Liberty Dollar. Without hesitation, the manager said, "Yes, we accept it."

Since the cashier had no silver backed singles in his cash register, he felt very shy as he took out two Federal Reserve notes to give me in change.

I said, "That's O.K.! You don't have any singles at the moment so I'll accept the change in FRNs."

"Lots of fun!"
C. Athanas, Austin, TX
A proud Liberty Associate - #3441
512 531 5066 x2772
Today I exchanged $17 Liberty Dollars. But not in the way you would think!


This story covers two separate transactions in a single 1 hour period.

I went to my local gas station and picked up a 12-pack of pepsi. When I got to the counter, a gentleman in his 50's was working the register. I figured this would be easy - he'd probably seen silver in circulation before (I assumed.) I asked him if he would accept "the new American dollar." I showed the $1 certificate to him and he said "I never saw this before, so no." Thinking it was over, I started reaching for my FRN's and his younger co-worker (in his 20's) working at the other register asked "What is that?" So I stopped digging through my wallet, and handed him the $1 Liberty Dollar.

I said "Its the new American dollar and it's backed by pure silver." He said "Cool! How do I get one?" I told him that I would exchange them 1 for 1 for his FRN's. He immediately gave me a $1 FRN and started closely inspecting the bill. I then showed him the $10 Silver Liberty. I said "If you have ten FRN, I'll exchange it for this $10 pure silver coin." He said he didn't have that kind of money for the coin. I shrugged and I then paid the older guy with FRN's for the soda, and received my change. When I left, there was a line of three people in front of the younger employee's cash register as he continued to closely examine the bill. As I left I said "Check out for more info!"

I then went to Albertson's, a large upscale grocery store chain in Texas and other states. I picked up some eye-contact solution and went directly to the check out. I only had the one item. It cost $3.25. After my experience at the gas station, I scanned the checkout counters for 20-something employees. There were 5 checkers working, and one was a emale in her early 20's. I got into her line and immediately asked "if she accepted the new American dollar?" I flashed the $5 certificate, and she replied, "Cool!" I said "It's backed by pure silver." She then told me that she didn't know if Albertson's accepted it. She called her manager on her phone.

As we waited for her manager (about 2 minutes) she asked where she could get one. I told her that "I would exchange them one-for-one for her federal reserve notes." She said "Really?" I said yes. Her manager showed up and I handed her the notes. The manager then walked off with the Liberty Dollars (without asking first, I must tell you), and I assumed she was looking for the shift supervisor. The checkout girl asked "Can I have one now?" I said yes, and asked her how much she wanted. We exchanged for a $1 note, a 5 note and a $10 Silver Liberty.

We performed the exchanges one at a time. After every exchange she laughed with glee and asked for another note! It was really fun to watch and a rather strange experience. Each time she laughed one of her co-workers would walk over. I showed her the $10 silver Liberty and she immediately grabbed a $10 FRN and snapped the coin from my hand. It was also time for a shift change, so yet another person showed up. The checker girl proudly showed them her new currency, like a child with a new toy at Christmas. She was giggling and everyone looked at the currency with great curiosity. By this time there were three people in line behind me. I apologized to the customer directly behind me and she shrugged her shoulders and said "no problem... only the ice cream is melting..." So people are generally quite patient and rather curious!

One young man sternly asked me where he could get them. I stutteringly answered "at" - mostly because I was not prepared to act as a "salesman" so soon to an entire crowd of people! After another few minutes, the shift supervisor then showed up and marched past our checkout counter on her way to the "Bank of America" mini-bank located right inside the store. She did not ask me a single question. She did not even look at me. It was obvious she had made up her mind already, but was performing the classic weasel move - C.Y.A. I don't blame her. I would do the same in her position. Still, she is a weasel.

I saw her hand the notes to the bank manager (another weasel.) The bank manager inspected the notes carefully, then she disapprovingly shook her head. The shift supervisor nodded knowingly, and then walked back over to our counter with a sullen and smirky look on her face. In a somewhat condescending tone she said "You'll have to take these back where you got them." I guess she thought I was a sucker. Maybe so. But, she did not seem to notice the crowd of people standing around looking at the notes and she immediately walked off without saying another word. I said out loud, but mostly to myself, "Well, it will just take some time." The girl at the checkout counter half-smiled as I handed her the FRN's for the transaction. I then left the store.

So, it seems that Albertson's corporate does not exchange their products for silver at this time. But the people working in the store seem to accept it willingly!

As I left the store another man yelled to me to come back with more coins as he said he was a collector! LOTS OF FUN!

So, the moral of the story is that even if you dont actually buy anything, you can still exchange the Liberty Dollars for FRN at any store! I'm batting 1000 right now! We're going to the mall this weekend! What if everyone went to the malls this weekend and simply asked the employees "Do you accept the new American dollar?" THINK ABOUT IT!

More stories coming - stay tuned!

"I asked if he was a collector. He said, 'I am now.'"

Submitted by M. Hayden, Fremont, CA.

Today, I showed $1 ALC to a teller at Bank of America. She examined both sides and said, "That's weird!" (She's clueless!) I said, "That's the way money is supposed to be!"

Later, I showed $1 ALC and a $10 silver to the waiter at Outback. He asked, "Have you got any more?" I showed him a $5 and $10. He said, "You mean I can buy these for $26 (US). "Yes."

Where upon he gave me $26 US.

I asked if he was a collector. He said, "I am now."

Before leaving, I gave him a couple of the Liberty Dollar brochures.

Today, I mailed about 75 Liberty Dollars to Silicon Valley CEOs and VPs (along
with my own brochures).

Faithfully in Freedom,

M. Hayden

"Do you accept real money?"

Sarvamangala; RMRC, Rochester, NY

My approach has been to let the merchant know that I understand they accept paper and plastic. "Do you accept real money?" Naturally, they say yes. So I give them the Liberty Dollar to which they ask, "What is it?" I then hand them a brochure and explained the Liberty Dollar to them. Sometimes they accept it, sometimes they don't.

Places which have put it in their till:
Highland Park Diner
Olympia Restaurant

Both of these establishments are in Rochester, New York

"Thanks for bringing back real money Bernard"

G. Karl, Savannah, GA

Hello Bernard, Thanks for visiting me in Georgia and getting me moving on the Liberty Dollar. I went to K-Mart the other day (early May, 2000) to buy some office supplies and when I went to the counter to pay, I held out my $5 Liberty Dollar. I was going to tell the young lady, "Oops, you can't have my real money" when she just grabbed it, looked at it for a second, plopped the New American Dollar into the cash register and gave me my change back. It was great.

At another mom and pop grocery store, buying some snacks for my kids, I laid one Liberty Dollar and one federal reserve note out on the counter and asked the man which does he want, debt or real wealth? This cashier took the Liberty Dollar, put it in his pocket, and put one of his own federal reserve notes into the cash register.

I also use them for tipping waitresses whenever I eat out.

Thanks for bringing back real money Bernard. Us hardworking Georgians deserve it!

P.S. I just got back from spending $9 in New American Dollars at Kroger. A little resistance at first, but after I explained them and asked if they wanted debt or real wealth, about 4 of the other customers threw their dollar bills at the cashier
and grabbed the Liberty Dollars!!!

"We now have a choice. We can own [our money] or we can rent it."
T.J., Calabasas, CA

Recent experiences with the Liberty Dollar. When told the price, I just handed over Liberty Dollars to cover without saying a word. The following are the results.

People, when they see the Liberty Dollar, are very interested and some business accept them readily. Bombay Spiceland on Reseda Blvd. just south of Parthenia in Northridge, California accepted 4 Liberty dollars for my purchase of 3.xx FRNs. The owner put them into the register and gave me tokens in change. When I informed her that the certificates were redeemable in silver and showed her the silver Liberty, she took them out of the register and put them into her purse. The next day my wife and I went to Pacific Theaters: Winnetka 20, corner of Prairie and Winnetka. I handed the lady at the Customer desk a ten Liberty note for two senior tickets. She called someone over who took them into the back. That person returned and we were given our tickets. At the concession stand we bought ice cream also with the Liberty dollars.

These events have special significance only because the currency is new to the market place. Given time they will be as common as credit cards.

At Office Depot for a printing bill of $4.06 FRNs, I handed the cashier $.06 and four Liberty Dollars. She gave them to a manager who took them to the back. He returned and said to accept them. When he learned that they were backed by silver, with a very pleased smile, he put them into his shirt pocket.

When I was leaving a tip at A Votre Sante on San Vicente Boulevard near 26th Street in Brentwood, the waiter saw the new currency and showed interest. The week-end manager came over to the table and wanted to know all about them, where he could get them, etc. He said he had seen them before and had a couple. He was very pleased to exchange 30 FRNs for the recommended packet that consists of one 10 note, one 5 note, five 1 notes and a silver liberty. The recommended gives one the full spread of the currency. The silver is the money; the certificates are the convenience.

These occurrences indicate a very definite awakening upon the part of the American people to the nature of coin and credit. They are a hopeful sign for the future. Who owns the money owns the world. If we want economic freedom, we will have to regain ownership of our money.

We now have a choice. We can own it or we can rent it. We, Americans, owned our money in the past and we can own it again.

"He smiled, thanked me, picked up his pay and walked out the door."

Dick Wells, Thompson Falls, MT

On September 8, 1999, a jeweler delivered a piece of jewelry I had commissioned as a anniversary gift for my wife. I told him about the Liberty Dollar, and laid out his pay in F*R* debt notes, and then the same amount in Liberty Dollars including a Silver Liberty. He smiled, thanked me, picked up his pay and walked out the door. I picked up the remaining F*R* notes and put them away for use on some other, unsuspecting soul.

"She then accepted them and put them in the register."
T.J., Calabasas, CA

On Wednesday, April 26, 2000 we went to Pacific Theaters: Winnetka 20 on the corner of Winnetka and Prairie in Chatsworth for the 1:40PM afternoon show. It was too early for the box office to be open so they were selling tickets at the Customer desk inside. The people in front of me bought two senior tickets and handed the girl a 10 dollar Federal Reserve Note. At my turn I asked for two seniors and handed the girl a ten spot ALC. She looked at it carefully, then called over to some one who took it away back somewhere. Meanwhile, I showed the girl at the desk the Silver Liberty. A few minutes later the other person came back and I was given two admission tickets. Later I went to the concession stand to buy ice cream that cost three FRNs. I gave the cashier three Liberty Dollars. She looked at them questioningly as if she wanted to call the manager. I said, "They're O.K. I just bought our tickets with them."

She then accepted them and put them in the register. I told her to offer them in change.

"She put them in her purse"
T.J., Calabasas, CA

This morning, April 24, 2000 I stopped by Bombay Spiceland, an Indian and Pakistani Grocery, to buy some chipatis. They cost something like $3.00 in FRNs. I had only one or two FRNs in my pocket, but several Liberty Dollars. I didn't want to write a check, nor did I feel like asking if they would accept silver backed currency. So I just took out four Liberty Dollars and handed them to the owner. She accepted them without a word and handed me the change. I then showed her the silver and told her that they were redeemable in silver. She put them into her purse and said she was going to learn more about them. I suggested she give them in change to her customers, and also informed her that she would get free advertising. Her shop is Bombay Spiceland, 8650 Reseda Blvd. No. 4 & 5, Northridge, Ca 91324.

"I noticed the waitress was proudly showing her colleagues"

S. Bledsoe, Liberty Dollar, Evansville, IN

One evening when going out to eat at a locally owned restaurant, when it came time to leave a tip for the waitress I showed her a one dollar Liberty Dollar certificate and a one dollar FRN and asked her if she would accept both for her tip. Her face lighted up seeing the Liberty Dollar certificate and she replied sure that would be fine. I also handed her a brochure and told her it helped explain what she was receiving and that it was a new silver-backed alternative currency that is circulating nationwide and can be used just like the FRN. As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed the waitress was proudly showing her colleagues, who where huddled around a table, passing the new Liberty Dollar certificate and brochure around looking at what she had received.

"He looks forward to people accepting the Liberty Dollar everywhere"

T.J., Calabasas, CA

I went to rent The Egyptian at Blockbuster video. At the checkout stand, in spite of a long line, I asked the clerk if he had seen the New American Dollar. "No, he said." I showed him the bills I had in my wallet and a Silver Liberty. He asked, "Where can I get some?" I told him that I had a few and would exchange some if he wanted to. I had four 5's, 2 one's. He completely cleaned me out of what I had. $20 in certificates and one Liberty piece. $32 FRNs. I went back the next day to return the video and he was already showing them around with success. This happened about two weeks ago. He looks forward to people accepting the Liberty Dollar everywhere.

"I get a real thrill out of the reaction I get"

F. Davideit, Hillsboro, NH

I have done this several times and get a real thrill out of the reaction I get: I deliberately put ten dollars worth of gas in my car and when I go in to pay for it I put a ten dollar bill and a Silver Liberty on the counter with the ten dollar side of the coin up so its visible. I offer the clerk the opportunity to make a choice and only once out of probably eight times did they not take the silver. Great fun.

"It is much more fun to play with real money than monopoly money."

T.J., Calabasas, CA

I remember when we had real money, when the dimes, the quarters, fifty cent pieces and dollars were of silver. We didn't use the dollar coins too much in California, but when we went to Nevada, that is all they gave us in change. They wanted us to use them in their one arm bandits, and for them you don't use paper. When we came back to California, we had a pocket full of silver. We went to the bank and exchanged it for paper---paper that said, "There is on deposit in the Treasury of the United States one dollar in silver, redeemable by the bearer on demand." The American dollar was considered as "good as gold."

I remember when a hamburger together with a giant malted milk cost twenty five cents, a hotel room at the Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City cost $5.00. I remember when the dollar sign had two vertical lines on it.

I remember freedom in America when we had firecrackers on the Fourth of July, when we had bonfires and weenie roasts on the beach, when the government didn't force one to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

I didn't know that the Federal Government declared bankruptcy and got the states to pledge, without our knowledge, our life, labor and property as Surety for the debt obligations of the Federal United States. Up to 1933 Americans owned gold. With the surrender of our rights in that year we lost the ownership of our land and together with the states became possessions of the Federal United States. On March 9, 1933 the Roosevelt administration declared war upon us- the American people-and under color of the Trading With The Enemy Act confiscated our gold by declaring us "The Enemy."

When the November 1998 issue of Media Bypass appeared with "The Rainbow Currency" on the cover, I remembered when and jumped for joy for I knew that now at last we had a choice. We no longer had to use debt-based Federal Reserve Notes.

After reading the article on American Liberty Currency, -- I now refer to it as the New American Dollar thanks to Minister Thomas Ehyeh Asaiah of Brooklyn, N.Y. who knows how to ring bells in people's minds--I sent for the Thirty Dollar Packet which consisted of a Ten, a Five, five Ones and a Coin. With my new silver backed money, I went to the Saturday Morning Calabasas Ranch Market where farmers from Central and Southern California bring their produce. Being now in a position to pass on the choice that American Liberty Currency gave me, I said to the farmer, "I can pay you in debt or I can pay you in silver. Which would you prefer?" Three merchants that morning accepted the silver. Encouraged by this experience, I ordered $200 in One's. Since that first Saturday morning in December, Maria and I have been purchasing our produce on an average of twice a month using the New American Dollar.

Acceptance at the market has not always been that smooth. Two merchants enthusiastically look forward to receiving silver backed money. Most of the merchants are sitting on the fence waiting to see. One merchant who accepted it the first day subsequently said that she would have to think about it. At a later time she accepted it again. At a still later time she said her father didn't want her to accept it. On this occasion of my purchase I gave her a bill large enough so that she would have to make change. As change she gave me two Federal Reserve Notes. I held out my hand waiting for her to notice what she had given me. Then I asked her where her New American Dollars were. She lifted up the tray of her cash box and showed them to me. I told her that she ought to offer them in change if she wanted to and that she could give them to me now. She didn't want to. I believe she really likes the silver.

Another person who worked in the sprout booth where the owner wouldn't accept the New American Dollar did accept them. He was anxious to redeem a coin. He most likely substituted his own FRN's for the New American Dollar. He has redeemed several coins and is now seriously considering circulating the certificates. This has been going on since December.

After eating a meal at a restaurant when the waitress brings the check, I always say, "I am going to leave you a tip. I can give you silver or I can give you this, which is debt." Then follows a short explanation of what "this" is. The silver has been turned down only once by a waiter at the Greenleaf Restaurant in Ashland, Oregon who said, "I can't use it in the bar upstairs." He didn't try.

Recently my wife had an accident for which I had to rent a wheel chair from Norco Rents in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The rental fee was $20. I said to the man, "I can pay you with silver. What would you like?" Without a blink or a nod, he took the certificates.

We have had so many positive experiences showing the New American Dollar that it would take a long time to recount them all. It appears that Americans, in general, are woefully ignorant of the political statements they make on a daily basis every time they buy something. The solution offered by the New American Dollar acts like a light that reveals either the lack of awareness or the hypocrisy that exists within the patriot community. People who understand money and the solution NAD offers are excited and inspired. Some burst out laughing and we all laugh together. But when it dawns upon them that they are looking at REAL money, they laugh even harder, their eyes filled with hope for the future.

After paying for gas at the pump, I open my wallet, bounce the coin on the counter top at the cashier's stand and say, "Have you seen the New American Dollar?" At one convenience store, this display attracted three young ladies. One said, "How can I get one?" Another more savvy about money wanted to know more. I explained the purpose of the $30 packet. She didn't have $30, but she did go to the ATM a few steps away and took out a $20. She exchanged this for one Five, five One's and a Silver Liberty so she could show them around.

We have bought magazines from magazine stands, sandals in Hawaii, shoestrings at a shop where a gentleman with his daughter watched me pay with Liberty Dollars. I told him they exchanged one for one. He wanted one for himself and his daughter. At the same time a girl friend of the sales person was going to give a talk at the college. She chose options in currency for the coming millennium. I made a special appointment with her to go over a notebook I had assembled dealing with currency. I created this book so that I would have something to leave with the manager of a restaurant or the manager of a movie theatre while we had dinner or watched the movie.

Perhaps the most exciting experience I had was when Maria and I went to Follow Your Heart Restaurant in Canoga Park. While waiting for our meal to be served, I went to the cash register to browse the magazines. In the Table of Contents of THE UTNE READER was an article entitled DOLLARS OR SENSE by Minna Norse, with the caption, "WHAT COULD POSSIBLY UNITE LIBERTARIANS, TECHNOCRATS AND COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS? USURPING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, AND CREATING AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR." When I saw the Liberty Dollar mentioned, I became very excited. Picking up the magazine I returned to my table. Lunch had been served.

After lunch when the waitress brought the check, I gave her the usual choice. At first she declined preferring the FRN's but when I pointed to the magazine and told her that there was an article in it that mentioned the Liberty Dollar , she change her mind. This scene was witnessed by two young ladies at an adjoining table who showed great curiosity in what was taking place. I did my usual currency display. One of the ladies wanted the coin then and there. I explained how the coin was a redemption for the certificate and that the $30 dollar packet contained the coin as well. Without hesitation, she took out two twenties to exchange for the packet. Since two other people at an adjoining table to theirs were also curious, I gave them flyers. These are just a few of my experiences with the New American Dollar; you will have your own. I can truly say, it is much more fun to play with real money than monopoly money.

"$41.00 in Liberty Dollars into circulation"

A. Knauber, West Harrison, IN

I just wanted to send you a note that during the month of December 1999 I put $41.00 in Liberty Dollars into circulation.

"The Libertarian Party accepted the Liberty Dollar as payment"
A. Knauber, West Harrison, IN

I just wanted to tell you that today I received my membership card and newsletter from the Libertarian Party. They accepted Liberty Dollars as payment for membership.

"Even though I lost my case, I still had a good day."

R. Miller, Rabun First Liberty Exchange, Mtn. City, Rabun County Georgia.

Last July of 99 I was contesting a traffic citation for driving without a driver’s license & malfunctioning taillight in the Habersham County Courthouse. I did not really think Judge Crawford would give serious consideration to my argument. But he made a good show of it before he blew off my argument and told me my fine would be $96.75.

To which I asked "How would you like me to pay my fine" I have a friend who has witnessed someone win a case because the Judge is forbidden by law to demand credit in payment of a fine. Federal Reserve Notes being promissory notes are credit on the Congress of the United States.

The Judge said, "Cash or Check will be fine!" To which I replied would promissory notes be acceptable? "No! Promissory notes will not be acceptable! "Well I'd like to pay my fine. Will silver be acceptable? "I don't know." The Judge asked the prosecutor what he thought and the prosecutor said, "If the silver is redeemable at face value for Federal Reserve Notes let him pay his fine with silver." So I went to the Clerk of Court's office and paid my fine with ten Silver Libertys and received $3.25 change in return. The Receipt reads as follows:

7/26/99 Robert Miller 99-mt-2447 99-mt328 $96.75 Receipt number 5095

initialed by J.J.

I really blew the minds of the clerks working in the office! They both heard the Judge say I could pay my fine in silver as long as my silver was redeemable in Silver.

Even though I lost my case, I still had a good day!

"No Fed - just the Liberty Dollar"

J.C. Pollard, West Palm Beach, FL

In early February 2000, I went over to a local radio show's Saturday
morning breakfast and talked to the host about getting Bernard on the show as a guest. Of course, I was showing the New American Dollars
around, both the currency and the silver Liberty. When we finished the gathering, I went to the cashier at the King Solomon's Diner in West Palm
Beach, Florida and asked if they accept the New American Dollar. The manager was at the cashier and said he did not understand so I explained
that the currency, which he took out of my hand commenting how beautiful the artwork was, is the ONLY 100% value-backed currency in the world!
That got his attention. He asked what does that mean. I held out the Silver Liberty and in a blink of an eye he swapped the currency with the
Silver Liberty and said 'I will accept this!' I showed him its value on the reverse side. Then, to my amazement he reeled around to the man
standing behind him and showed the Silver Liberty to him, pulled out a ten dollar Federal Reserve Note out of his pocket, placed the ten in the cash
drawer, pocketed the Liberty, and gave me change for the $4.40 breakfast bill in Federal Reserve Notes! The man behind the cashier is the owner of
the fabulous diner, good food and nice prices.

The following week, the manager was walking around with coffee for the patrons making sure everyone had everything needed. When he spotted me, he asked if I had information concerning the currency and the silver Liberty. Of course, I always do and gave him the old brochure.

I wonder what he will say this week when he has had a chance to read and understand the great cause and issue that the Liberty Dollar is rectifying. No Fed - just the Liberty Dollar.

"A proactive campaign to eliminate the Federal Reserve"
M. Heit, Elmo, MT

An article in the Missoulian features our party's efforts at a proactive campaign to eliminate the Federal Reserve chokehold on our Constitutional Republic. The photo is of Dick Wells, a friend, fellow patriot, party member and redemption center in Thompson Falls.

Due to this article, many calls have been made inquiring about the Liberty Dollar, and more currency is being circulated now as more people buy it or accept it in change during normal business transactions at our shop in Polson.

"Thank you for the opportunity"
R. LaRocque, Gresham, OR

Today I spent 17 Dollars in Liberty Dollars. I put gas in my wifes car, I bought a Subway Sandwich, I bought ice cream from the Ice cream man in the little buggie. The Ice cream man, when I gave him a choice of a $5FERN or 5 Liberty Dollars, he said," I take this ( FERN) because it is easer. I asked what was so hard about taking the silver certificate? I told him he could give me change in FERN'S and he took the silver certificate! I always give the option of FERN or Liberty Dollars. When I'm told that they want FERNS I say," Good, because I would rather keep my silver and give you my debt instead." They open their eyes and somtimes change their mind. When I use my credit card I give the choice and say," I can set the debt aside for future payment and never be able to pay the compounding interest or I can pay off the debt right now. I then let them know that it is a credit card isn't it?
The biggest problem I have with the American Liberty Silver Certificates are that I can't keep them around for very long! After a deal is done and a Merchant accepts the Liberty Dollar I then let them know about the ph# and URL on the currency. I don't want them to feel cheated. Thank You for the opportunity to spend real money in my life time because if it weren't for you I would have never had the pleasure of owning my own money.
Thank You and God Bless the Republic

"Support of Honest Weights and Measures"
T Curtis, Northridge, CA

Office Depot Northridge, California continues to accept the Liberty Dollar. They have been regularly accepting it since before June 19th 2000. You can refer to that update here in Success Stories which states that they had then accepted it over six times. Because of their friendly position regarding honest weights and measures, I would certainly encourage everyone to give them our business. I asked the manager one day what he did with them? He replied, "We take them to the bank." "What bank?" "Bank of America." As a test I deposited 2 ALC in addition to some checks with Wells Fargo and they credited my account showing that additional 2 ALC's. After all, money is money, and banks deal in money.

Video Super Shop at 19643 Parthenia St. Northridge, CA. 91324 (818) 701-1133 has also accepted the Liberty Dollar beginning with our first visit there. Here's a place to go for your video rentals.

Back in April 2000 was our first experience with AMC Promenade 16 movie theatres. We have used ALCs there every few months since that time, seven or eight times. Recently we did not go to this movie theatre for a period of almost two or three months, but on July11 we decided to go again. I wondered whether they would continue to accept Liberty Dollars for sometimes I feel that I am the only one in Los
Angeles who tries to use them on a regular basis. Our senior tickets came to 13 dollars. I handed the cashier a silver Liberty and 3 ALCs. The manager was standing behind the cashier. She motioned to accept the silver Liberty but rejected the ALCs. I replaced them with FRN debt instruments. At the concession stand, however, we purchased our drinks with the ALCs.

The following week I handed the cashier a 10 ALC and 3 one ALCs and they were accepted without question. We also purchased our drinks at the concession with ALCs. If you live in the San Fernando Valley, make AMC Promenade 16 movie complex your theatre of choice. It is ours and has been for a long time. My wife, Maria and I, wish to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of honest weights and measures.

"Drivers License paid with Liberty Dollars"
T Curtis, Alcoa, TN

My Maryland drivers license expired on my birthday (14 aug 65), so I went down to the local Tennessee drivers branch to get a new one and paid for it with $35.00 face value in the Liberty Dollar silver certificates. I also wanted to let you no that my soon to be 2 year old has been listening to my conversations about those dreaded federal reserve notes, my other 3 daughters each had 3 federal reserve notes that they could not find, only to find out later that my 2 year old threw them in the garbage. I also found out that Liberty Dollars is bad for my health, I use to never eat out, but now I weigh 20 lbs more and my cholesterol is up from using Liberty Dollars over 40 different times at various restaurants & fast food places.

"Taking Texas Back"
M Badnarik, Austin, TX

This afternoon I exchanged $60 worth of ALC to the person I've suddenly targeted as my fourth RC. <proud grin> Slowly but surely, we're taking Texas back from the FED.

"First experiences using the Liberty Dollars"
D Atwood, Wildwood, GA

I want to thank you first of all that the 500 silver pieces I ordered arrived when I was on vacation. So today was my first day to attempt to use them save that one experience I had buying gas in the last week of August. Today I again needed gas so decided to buy $20.00 worth instead of $10.00 since I was using a minivan and it holds more fuel. I went to the same Amoco gas station here at Exit 169 off Interstate 24 and of course it was a different cashier. But they accepted it just like before.

It was lunchtime so my wife and I decided to eat at Subway and we used two libertys there but I should have been smart and left and not eaten there because they went to the bank to see if it was valid money and of course banks don't accept silver so they charged my credit card $20.00 and gave me back the silver. Of course I still had the $7.00 Federal Reserve notes that they gave back as change so I am not complaining.

I then went to Proffitt's at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga to pay a bill I had with their credit card that was $51.97 and gave them six silver libertys. They accepted it no questions asked, please note that it was an older cashier so maybe this makes a difference but the next place I went was Sears to pay my Discover card Bill. Anyway Sears didn't accept them. I then went to Wal-Mart to pay for $89.00+ worth of merchandise and since there was a bank inside Wal-mart they had them check it out and of course refused it because "banks don't like silver".

Interesting to note though about Wal-mart was the fact that there was a person in line behind me that said he would like two of them himself and the cashier even wanted some but when the bank refused it they changed their mind as well. Poor folks, people are duped into believing credit cards, checks, paper Federal Reserve Notes, are more valuable than plain Silver. Someday when the economy crashes like the World Trade Center today they will realize their mistake but lo, it will be too late for them then..

It is very interesting to see people's reaction to using the silver for purchases. So far I have had more successful attempts than not. The only negative stores for certain are Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Sears, etc. I have successfully used them at four different gas stations including 5 times at the closest Amoco station to my house. But two stories to tell you are outstanding. One was a Krystal restuarant in Trenton, GA where the manager said her husband was a coin collector. She asked for 5 more of them besides the one I used for the food. Then this afternoon we went to a Wendy's Restuarant in Kimball, TN about 20 miles from my house and the man who took the money wanted more. In fact he went outside the restuarant and asked me how many I wanted to trade. I happened to have 10 in my pocket and he bought all ten.

Another interesting store experience was the above mentioned Sams. Two of the cashiers that were close by and saw them wanted some for their own personal use even though the manager would not accept them. One more experience was trying to buy something from CVS in Lookout Valley, TN a suburb of Chattanooga, they refused it but the Food Lion grocery store next door accepted it. Also when I went to a CVS in Jasper, TN next to Kimball the other day they accepted it. So just because one Chain store doesn't accept it doesn't mean nationwide it would be the same. I have used it succesful at another grocery store called Bi-LO for film that I got developed there. I have used it successful in Kmart and Radio Shack as well.

"Success in the Denver area"
S Ellison, Louisville, CO

Dear Liberty Dollar, I received my ALD's last week. I have successfully used them throughout the Denver area. It is crucial for everyone to know that ALD's are real and are easily used when submitted. This is a challenge for everyone to begin using this new currency and stop wasting time. Just do it. The awareness grows exponentially each time an ALD is put into circulation! We are moving forward!

"There is tremendous awareness"
C Athanas, Austin, TX

I have been refused only once in the past months. This is incredible, as my success rate was about 85% before 9/11. Since then, I have performed over 20 exchanges (at normal shops and stores) and I have been refused only once. This is rather amazing.

My technique: "I have the paper money but I'd like to pay in silver."

If they ask where I got it, I usually say "From a friend who collects them, but I like to spend them!"

If they ask any further questions I will tell them about I am also very honest if they ask about putting it in banks. I tell them they probably wont take it. When they say why, I tell them "It does not come from the federal government, it is privately minted and is 100% pure medical-grade silver."

This usually gets a few gears turning in their heads... "Banks wont take silver coins? I thought our money was backed by gold and silver? What? Huh? DISCONNECT - WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?"

Get out there and use the currency! It's fun and there is a tremendous awareness building. This is truly exciting for freedom in the world.

"I was excited to get the money"
S Maes, Carlsbad, CA

I just received my Liberty Associate kit today and was excited to get the money into circulation. The first place I went to was the gas station. I simply told the attendant that I needed $10 in gas and asked her if they take the New $10 Silver Liberty as I set one on the counter. She said "sure" without hardly looking at it. I mentioned it was backed by pure silver which prompted her to tell me about the one of her friend's old silver coins and how it was worth alot of money now. The other attendant reached into his pocket to pull out FRN's to buy it - except all he had was
FRN $2.00. The first attendant put it in her drawer and I got my gas!

Thanks for bringing us real money!

I have been having great success using the Silver Liberty's just about everywhere I go. When it comes time to pay, I simply ask the merchant if they've seen the "New $10 Silver Liberty" and ask if they take it. I tell them "it's $10 worth of pure silver" (I'll explain below). 9 out of 10 merchants readily accept it and often ask if I have any more. When they say "yes" I then proceed to show them the Silver Certificates and quickly explain how they work. Often times they'll exchange FRN's for the Silver
Certificates too. Of the ones who are most enthusiastic, I give them a ALC
brochure or my Liberty Associate business card with my affiliate link URL.

Here is how I justify a Silver Liberty being worth "$10 of pure silver":

The Liberty Dollar is a copywrited design of genuine numismatic value. In other words, it IS different from regular 1 ounce bullion "rounds" and therefore commands a higher price - much like the American Eagle. Another reason it is worth $10 is because there are thousands of individuals and merchants that will gladly exchange FRN $10 for the Silver Liberty's. The value is determined by what people are willing to pay for it. And, last but not least, I will gladly exchange my dreaded FRN's - at face value - for any Silver Liberty that I put into circulation. When someone asks me, "Can I get FRN$10 for this?" I simply state, "Sure, but why would you want to trade real silver for worthless (unbacked) paper?".

Finally, I also use the current Argentina devaluation/crisis as an example of what can happen with government controlled fiat currencies.

"That is so Cool"
J Simmons, Talbotton, GA

Yesterday my wife and I went out to dinner and then had a few drinks at
a local pub. The waitress said that would be $11.20. I pulled out and
presented a Silver Liberty to her. Her reaction was "that is so cool, can I
have it?" I said "sure you can to pay for most of my tab". She took the
Liberty went to the bar and showed it to one of the other waitresses. Our
waitress later came back and said that two others wanted one too. Later a
group of ladies came in promoting the local arena football team, the
Wardogs. They were all wearing T shirts with the War Dolls. They were the
cheerleaders for the team. I got one for my wife and gave a cheerleader a
Silver Liberty. She took it without question and commented how much she
liked it. Three Silver Libertys were exchanged in one night. This was the
most that I have exchanged. The Coaches Corner was the location in
Columbus, Georgia. Levert Liberty Associate,Talbotton,GA.

"I needed a new wallet"
S Maes, Carlsbad, CA

I needed a new wallet to carry my new Liberty Currency so I went out and
bought one with 2 Silver Libertys! Here's how I did it:

Location: Men's Warehouse, Encinitas, CA

When the salesman was ringing up my purchase I simply set a Silver Liberty
on the counter as I was pulling out my FRN's and asked, "have you seen the
New Silver Liberty yet?". Immediately, several salespeople were drawn over
and asked how to get one. I told them that I was an "authorized dealer"
(sounds cool doesn't it!) and that they could exchange their FRN's for mine
if they liked. I gave them my website which just points to my affiliate URL.

They asked if it was "real" (whatever that means). I told them that it was
pure silver and that they were pretty rare (but not if I can help it!).

They asked if the banks would take it and I told them "No, it's a private
currency. The banks don't know what real money looks like - blah, blah,
blah." I showed them a couple of my silver certificates and they snatched
up the two Silver Libertys that I had on me.

I'm making up some business cards with my website on it so I can hand it to
people when they exchange their FRN's for my Silver Libertys. This way they
can go to the website and learn more about "real" money.

"If you just try"
J Frederick, Houston, TX

I have been quite amazed by how easy it is to spend the Silver Libertys. About 50%, no less than 1/3 of the times I try, Houston merchants accept.

Here's a new strategy, however, for when they say "no." Be slightly aggressive. Say, "Really, you'll have no trouble spending it... here's my business card. If you just try to spend it three times and no one will take it, call me and I'll take it back."

"My first success"
C Fortner, Knoxville, TN

In my first two attempts at using ALCs, at a Kroger and Kinko's on the University of Tennessee campus, they didn't know what to do with it quite frankly. Even the people at the NBC bank in the Kroger weren't sure what to make of it. I did have my first success at a Chili's on Kingston Pike Sunday night. I used a $5 ALC and the $10 Silver Liberty with no questions asked. I also gave the waiter a $2 tip and a brochure on the Liberty Dollar.

"Take Advantage"
T Curtis, Northridge, CA

Yesterday, March 6, Maria and I went to AMC 16 movie theatres to see "We Were Soldiers" . We paid for two seniors with one Liberty silver and a 5 ALC, and were given one Company Script in change. No problem. We have been using the currency there for the last eight months. We notice many empty seats in the theatres. These seats will go empty if no one purchases them. Movie theatres are an excellent place to encourage circulation of ALCs. After all, if you were a movie theatre and had the choice of rejecting a customer who wishes to pay with a silver Liberty or allowing the seat to remain empty and receive absolutely nothing because you turned away a customer who wanted to pay you with real money, which would you prefer doing? Movie theatres can offer ALCs in change and can even use them as a promotion. People love to go to the movies. During the Depression, movie theatres accepted cans of food.

Liberty Currency- Special Advice to Movie Theatre Owners. Take Advantage!

"The theater owners meanwhile have to make most of their money selling candy and popcorn. For this reason, and because the owners have built so many new screens over the past decade, most of the nation's theater chains are bankrupt or close to it. This weekend, Potter took in 50% more than the next ten movies combined."

"No questions asked "
C Fortner, Knoxville, TN

I used a $10 Silver Liberty to buy some groceries at Food City with no questions asked. I gave the website URL to three of the people who worked there. I also gave the URL to one of the employees who works at my apartment complex. I figured since he collects coins, he would be interested in knowing about the Silver Liberty. I sought to use two $1 certificates at Kinko's but they said they couldn't accept it. So what happened was that someone else offered to pay $2 in FRN's in exchange for the ALCs. All in all, not a bad day. I live in Knoxville, TN. I started to get into the Liberty Dollar when Timothy Johnson and Robert Olson(I believe he is libertyexchange on here) talked about the Liberty Dollar a week and a half ago. I switched some FRNs for the Silver Liberty and some ALD's. So far, I've switched out about $45 and have spent about $27 this week.

"We need to promote the idea"
J Gliha, Ocala, FL

I spent $50 in Silver Libertys today, $10 at the beach. The toll person looked at it for a few seconds and I didn't say anything, and then I said, "I guess you haven't seen many of these lately." He said "no" and I said, "They just started minting them a couple of years ago, it's real silver." He looked at it and said, "Yeah, $10, .999 fine." And I said, "Yep." Then he gave me my change in FRNs and I said, "Look at that, I give you my silver and you give me greenbacks." He just laughed.

We need to promote the idea that consumers should begin asking merchants for their change in Liberty Dollars. "I ask for my change in Liberty Dollars, it's the patriotic thing to do." "Help fight the war on terrorism, ask for your change in Liberty Dollars." "Help us eliminate inflation, ask for your change in Liberty Dollars."

I also spent another $40 (Silver Libertys) tonight at Hops Restaurant, same type of conversation.

"My experience"
E Navarro, Austin, TX

Hi, Ed Navarro here. I wanted to share my experience of the very first time
I tried to use the Liberty Dollar. I had gone downtown to have some
passport photos taken. Before proceeding I asked the man behind the counter
if he accepted L.D.'s (as I pulled out some L.D. certificates and a L.D. silver?)
While he was inspecting the currency I took the opportunity to let him know
that our U.S. federal reserve notes are not backed by any precious metals
(since 1933.) I went on to tell him that during the depression some people
were walking around with bags filled with money. This was not because they
were rich but because the Fed. Res. notes had been devalued to the point
that large amounts of money were necessary to purchase even the smallest
items. I also informed him that his F.R. notes could lose and do lose their
value any and every time the Federal Reserve raised the intrest rates. At
this point I told him that L.D. currency was 100% backed by silver or gold
and not a single note was printed until the metal rested in the warehouse.
This process, I said, protects L.D.'s from the danger posed by inflation.
He was rather interested about the Liberty Dollar, and was more than happy to take two Silver Liberties as full payment for the $21.00 bill of service. At this
point I let him know about the web site and the Liberty Merchant link, which
he said he would also be more than happy to be listed under. This was all a
very positive and motivating experience, and I am excited for more
oppertunity to spread the word about the evil inherant in the Federal
Reserve system.

"Showing it off to others"
L Cox, Plano, TX

I just received my first shipment of Liberty Dollars today and within half an hour, I’d spent my first $10 of it!

I went to the local Taco Bueno and ordered lunch for $3.87. I pulled out $10.87 in coins (guess what the $10 was) and handed it to the manager who was working the cash register. “What’s that?” he asked. “It’s a $10 silver piece,” I replied. “I’m going to have to hide that and keep it for myself!” he said as he handed me back $7 in FRNs. He was so excited about receiving it, though, he was soon showing it off to the other employees. “Look, it’s real silver! Freshly minted, too!”

I’m going back out this afternoon to spend some more and help the economy by putting real currency backed by real silver in the hands of the people.

"Going to the movies"
D Turkelson, Byron Center, MI

With new "Libery Dollar", I went to movie at Studio #28 on 28th St., In Grand Rapids, MI to see "Son of Predition", with my son. I paid for the ticket with the new "Liberty dollar".

Cashier asked, his neighbor clerk if they accepted this ? He asked floor Lady named Lisa, If they accepted this for currency. She said are you sure you want to spend this. I said yes, She said it is pretty. Yes, we accept it, They don't tell us everything, she said as she handed it back to the cashier.

My son came later, I handed him one to buy his ticket from same cashier. As he approached the counter, the cashier was flipping the "liberty dollar" coin in the air. He accepted second one for $5.50 sale.

We then bought popcorn and drinks with a third "Liberty dollar" at another counter.

"This is Fun!!!"
C Williamson, Leesburg, TX

I just spent my first Liberty Dollars at McDonald's, my favorite Mexican restrauant, and even bought some chickens at a flea market with the silver ten dollar pieces!! This is FUN!!! Thanks for making a peaceful way to take back our country.

"Spending the ALD around town "
B Wesson, Aspen, CO

I've been having fun spending the ALD around town and, in fact, everywhere I go. Most folks take them, and when they're hesitant I also offer them FRN's vs.
"real money", their choice, and then they nearly always take the Liberty Dollar.

"All within just one hour"
B Myslyk, Rochester, NY

We received the package today. Already we were able to trade enthusiastically two silver Libertys from just one person, and one Silver Cerificate of $5 at Donkin Donuts! We had a hard time parting with our Silver Libertys since we just got it ourselves. The manager ($5) at Dunkin Donuts also may sign up as a Liberty Associate himself! All in just one hour! He also weighed the piece, all the more convincing - 31grams, or 1.10ozs..

We are taking a trip to Evansville, Indiana sometime next week (for our anniversary) and would like to see you if possible. May want to purchase additional currency.

"Newly enthusiastic"
B H, Ashland, OR

I am rather new to this Liberty Dollar concept, and am newly enthusiastic. When I heard Liberty Dollar's Monetary Architect speak a couple months ago, one of the main points he made was this: "...just get out there and spend it into circulation; don't get hung up trying to educate everyone!" so thats just what i did. and yet i found that many people were anxious to learn.

i recently put 3500 miles on my honda, from s. oregon to sw montana & back, on a great vacation. i decided to use the trip as my testing ground for the awesome shiny Silver Liberty, the $10 ALD. I spent more than 30 of them into circulation, usually at the gas pump/convenience store. Frankly, it was a start, & it was great fun. Typically the exchange went like this: clerk: "wow, is this new?". me: "yes, and it's real silver. cool huh." often the clerk was so impressed he kept the piece and put his own FRN's in the register.

I make a living marketing educational products that provide a real WAKE-UP CALL for people, with regard to money, taxes, asset protection, etc. I am finding the Liberty Dollar to be a fresh new way to "reach" people. Most people live their daily lives in the "MATRIX", accepting everything at face value. I find the $10 silver piece to be a great way to turn on some lightbulbs and get folks to step out of that box, even if only for a moment. oh and by the way, getting my money at a discount, a 20-30% discount, DOESN'T SUCK!

"Recently understand it's benifits"
W Komen, Los Lunas, NM

I've been a Liberty Associate for over two years, but only recently understood it's benifits. A few months ago I received a call from someone who found my name under Liberty Associates and wanted me to speak to his group. At the time I didn't even have any ALC. I went to the meeting along with another Liberty Assocaite who actually had some real money. About a month later I received a check from the Liberty Dollar... the group leader ( Thanks Joe!) had become a Liberty Associate. Since I have no Bank Account I sent the check back to the Liberty Dollar to exchange for ALC. Just the other day I payed for lunch at the Wendy's drive though in Los Lunas and gave some ROTC boys a quick money lesson. Boy is this fun!

"Even in Canada"
A Roy, Vancouver, BC

Man, I am pumped!

I went down to Office Depot in Vancouver, BC, to photocopy a brochure I am working on called 'LAWFUL MONEY - What is it?'. In my pocket, I had two American Liberty $10 pieces, plus some of the warehouse receipts in my wallet.

When it came time to pay the $10.71 CDN for the photo copies, I gave one of the Silver Liberties to the cashier, and she got all googoo eyed looking at it! It was really cool! So we chatted about it while she called the manager (Chuck) to see if they could accept the Liberty.

Well, 'Chuck' came over, took the SL, started banging it on the counter and hefting it to feel its weight, and said, "Well, it looks like silver." and then to the cashier, "OK. We can take it." To me he said, "If I'm wrong, I guess I'm out the ten bucks."

The cashier gave me five something in change in worthless Bank of Canada 'notes'. I was glad to notice that they even honoured them at the US exchange rate. Cool!

So I gave Chuck one of the brochures that they had just photo copied for me, and told him that my phone number is on the back, in case he changes his mind about the $10 piece. Somehow, I doubt he'll be calling. But it was interesting to note that the piece went into the cash register, not into his pocket - at least, not while I was there.

So, that was my first experience with the Silver Liberty. And yes, it was kind of fun. I will continue to use them as cash in my daily transactions, and where they won't take them, I'll just casually give them one of my brochures.

So if you're in Vancouver, Canada, there is at least one big box store that will take them, at least when 'Chuck the manager is on shift. They are located on Broadway, about two blocks East of Cambie Street.

"List of some places "
S Kerp, Raleigh, NC

Here is a list of some places and responses in Raleigh, NC:

Sitar India Restaurant - "Can you bring me ten more?"
Citgo Service Station - $10 for gas on two occasions.
Kerr Drugs - Will accept all the Libertys I care to spend there.
Quik Gas - Gladly took first Liberty, then complained that "my bank won't
take them." I offered to take the Liberty back for FRN, but he declined my offer.
Kanki Japanese Restaurant - Lady wanted one or two for her son's collection.
Snack bar at Courthouse - "Wow!"
Hardee's Restaurant - $10 for breakfast
Wendy's - "Sorry, can't take it. But can I buy it from you for $10?"
Lowe's Home Improvement - "Can you bring me three more?"
Fallons Flowers - "Can you bring me five more?"
Chinese Restaurant - $20 for dinner
Shoe Repair - $10 for labor. "Can you bring me more?"
Parking ramp - $10, two different ramps on two occasions.
Red Lobster - $50 for dinner
Hospital cafeteria - $10 for lunch
School lunch - daughter spends one every week.
WalMart - acceptance approved by office
Sam's Club - acceptance approved by office
Food Lion Grocery store - accepted whenever I shop there.
Golden Corral restaurant - $10
Quail Corner Dry Cleaners - $10 on at least two occasions
Buffalo Bowling - for bowling and also at snack bar.
Office Max - whenever I shop there. Probably 5 occasions so far.
Paper City party supplies - daughter bought Homecoming materials there. $10
TGI Friday - $50 for family dinner. Subsequent visit they said, "No"
Haven't followed up yet. Gave waitress a silver Liberty for a tip, and
she's a friend for life.
Kroger Foods - $10 for groceries with management approval.
Victory Baptist Church offering - placed silver in envelope with letter of
explanation. Never heard back, which really surprised me.
Hands and Heart Medical - took $10 copay then requested FRN "our bank won't
take them."
Chiropractic Partners - $10 copay, $20 for food supplement. They are happy
to accept them, and clearly understand what they are.
Great Clips - $10 for a haircut.
PetsMart - $10 on several occasions for cockatiel supplies. (I have 5 - they
are great pets!)
Dominos Pizza - $10 on each of two occasions.

Tomorrow I will find out if I can pay my cable bill in cash with Libertys.
They were closed today.

"Home Run!"
A Bibby, Kissimmee, FL

I have to tell you what happened today when I used the Silver Liberty at Pinch a Penny Pool Supply in Kissimmee.

I bought a sign for my pool which was around $8.00. I asked the attendant if they accepted the new American Liberty currency and at the same time I "did the drop" and handed him a Silver Liberty.

The attendant instantly said YES! He said it so quickly, I didn't have time to explain. He handed me the change in FED Slugs and even took a American Liberty acceptance sticker for the door.

I was so shocked I almost couldn't get the words out, but I told him I would let everyone know that they had a new place to spend their ALD's. This Pinch a Penny store is in the Rainbow Plaza on 192 West near St. Cloud. WOOHOO, Home Run!

"Accepting on a trail basis"
Frank, AL & GA

We are now up to 12 merchants within a reasonable drive of my office that accept the ALD. I have almost got a small area chain of gas stations accepting them
on a trial basis; the idea they are considering is accepting up to $ 10.00 in ALD's with any gas fill up of $ 10.00 or more. It's a start, and as they have sixteen stations in southeast Alabama and southwest Georgia it would be a nice foot in the door for the

All that without a Liberty Assocaite or other similar influence in sight! The idea of the community currency goes over very well here; we came very close to implenting a LETS system about three years ago and the populace just seems to like the value-backed currency model.

"Had nothing but fun and success"
C Kunzler, Cody,WY

My wife and I have had nothing but fun and success using the Liberty Dollar. Of all the places to start using the Liberty Dollar my wife chose the bank in the Wal-Mart. She asked if they would accept one dollar bills in exchange for the silver-- and they did. I can't believe that even the bank has accepted it! Not a merchant yet has rejected the ALD! Just to name some of the places we have been successful include: Mc-Donald’s, Wal-Mart, Shoshone National Bank, Exxon, the picture studio in Wal-Mart(an $80 photo package), Domino's, local book store, a house payment, baby-sitter, just to list the ones on the top of my mind, and all this success in about a Month and half.

Did I mention a gentleman whom I’ve never met in the southern part of the state called me up the other day, because he randomly chose me to sponsor him as a Liberty Associate! If you would have been able to tell me how fast and successful I would be with the ALD, I would have thought you to be a liar or an embellisher to say the least. And the best part is that it is all for the good of the Nation!

"What no silver"
M Brown, Fuquay Varina, NC

In the last month I have used $200 in Silver around my community. We use them as tips when we go out to dinner and I always buy gas $10 at a time. We have several stores where we use them to buy beer. They always smile real big when I come in because they know they will get something special. Unfortunately, I have run out of my supply. The clerks at 2 different stores were very upset with me when I pulled out the green stuff. "What! No Silver?" A waitress at Ruby Tuesday's was even disappointed when we couldn't tip in Silver. I keep telling them to help me out and become Liberty Associates, but so far no takers. As long as they keep taking Silver, I'm happy! I have more on the way!

"Even in Puerto Rico"
R Dixon, Morovis, PR

Actually I went into Old San Juan (I live in the Puerto Rican Mountains) on Sunday with the family and had a great time spending my Liberty Dollars and educating the local populous about it's value over American greenbacks. My wife grew impatient as I was treated like a King who brought a new gift to the Island. I walked away with a full bottle of Rum from the Puerto Rican Rum makers just for my enthusiastic spiel about the liberty dollar! The same happened when I talk to the local handmade Cigar makers. Of course I tipped them all with a Liberty dollar..the Rum guys got one of my Silver Liberties and a Paper Liberty Dollar (I was really happy with the Vintage Bottle of RUM).

As we were about to leave Old San Juan I gave the parking attendant a choice of either Paper or Silver Liberty and he chose to give me back eight FRN in change for the Silver Liberty ($2 dollar parking).

I am hyped by my easy success at educating my Hispanic American family and friends in Puerto Rico . Silver and Gold is a concept that translates easy into any language!!!

Over all The Liberty Dollar response was quiet positive in this impoverished island that desperately needs to develop more exports besides our well known Bacardi Rum. It would be my dream and that of my family to help Puerto Rico develop a stronger local economy based on Silver and Gold not more American debt. It's either that or we need to declare War on Spain and get all our stolen Gold back plus 450 years of interest, perhaps President Bush would help?

"Terrific Local Success"
W Hicks, Berryville, AR

I had a chance today to visit with the Executive Director of our local Chamber of Commerce, and immediately introduced him to the Liberty Dollar, casually "dropping" a Silver Liberty into his hand. His response was incredible, as he looked it over and commented repeatedly about how nice it looked and felt, and how it had "an obvious attraction" as a form of money! He asked some questions about the money, and about how ALFII''s front office, Ozark Monetary Services is working with local merchants, and then enthusiastically invited me to join the Chamber and allow him to send an email newsletter out to all Chamber Members about how sensible my program is, and why participation could mean the salvation of the local business community!

We've been enjoying terrific local success already (with gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, tire dealers, a doctor, a used car dealer, and I don't know who all else off the top of my head) but this was too much to hope for... and to top it all off, our local Wal-Mart manager, my friend Tim, is on the Chamber's board of directors... so guess what he'll be reporting to his bosses in Bentonville???

In addition, as part of our promotional campaign, we're launching a small every-other-week newspaper called the Ozark Liberty Times, in which I'll showcase the new merchants who join the program and allow them to buy ad space with their Libertys! This newspaper will be given away free by the Merchants themselves, to their customers, making a sort of joint-promotion system wherein all of us are promoting each other all the time! the more places the Liberty can be spent, the more Libertys will get into circulation!

Anyway, wanted to let you all in on the good news!

"I'll take the silver and call it even"
D Turkelson, Byron Center, MI

Last night I went to Local Olive Garden resturant. I had a meal with cost of $10.76 so, I offered the waiter $11.00 FRN or One Silver Liberty and one dollar bill FRN.

I said he did a good job I would like to reward him with the collectable type silver with a "symbol of the American Liberty on this beautiful 1 oz silver piece."

He thought and said: "Tell what I'll take the Silver and well call it even."
I enjoyed the meal.

"Happy to receive them"
N Singletary, Stattford, TX

I just spent 20 DOLLARS in Silver Libertys at the Hunan Chinese Restaurant tonight. The clerk said, "You have used these here before." and I told her that I had. She was very happy to be the one to receive them. I told her that they were 10 DOLLARS in silver and she said she wanted more. I told her I would be happy to trade her some government money for the silver, but I then said, "I have some currency that works the same way and it's easier to carry around." I showed her the currency and told her that the TEN DOLLAR certificate was backed by the one ounce Silver Liberty. She wanted one of the Ten Dollar certificates as well. The way I spend this MONEY is NO DIFFERENT from the way I spend the government frauds. If the folks that are having trouble spending the MONEY need some HELP, I will be more than happy to spend a day with you at your expense to guide and teach you just HOW to spend the MONEY. The MONEY has a unit of measure on them and it states that they are 10 DOLLARS. If you doubt this please look on the back of a Silver Liberty and tell me what it says. The Silver Libertys are not only lawful, they are PERFECTLY LEGAL to use. If you doubt this then you need to cancel your Liberty Associate contract. I will continue to spend the MONEY into circulation and make money the old fashioned way...I'll EARN IT!

"Where can I get these?"
B White, Silver Spring, MD

Here's a funny story:

Doug's father and uncle sent him down to Home Depot today to see if the Libetry Dollar works. Dougie had the $100 from the Liberty Associate packet (he traded
the bills to me for silver), plus another $100 he had traded for -- a roll's worth overall.

Dougie goes into Home Depot and buys this tool for $50 in Libertys no problem. Then, he decides he wants more, so he goes back in and tried to buy two $25 Home
Depot gift cards.

The cashier calls the manager to find out if the coins are "counterfeit". The manager walks up to the police officer on duty at Home Depot (there's enough crime
that Home Depot hires a police officer to work security), and the police officer looks at the Liberty Dollar, says "It looks like money to me", starts playing with it, and asks Dougie "Where can I get these?" The manager then calls the Secret Service,
and is told they are closed for Memorial day. He then decides that they look like money to him too, and that he wants some. By the time Doug was out of there, he
had used almost the entire roll.

"To name a fee "
D Jordan, El Sobrante, CA

I received my starter kit and first order a week ago today. So far I have spent and exchanged over $600.00 including $170.00 at Wal-Mart in Martinez Ca. and $140.00 at Food 4 Less in Pinole Ca.
Jay Vee
Raley's Foods
And a few other small stores.
I just hand them the Silver Liberty and tell them it is a $10.00 silver piece. They ooo and aaahh and give me my change. On the larger purchases I tell them that I prefer to use the Silver Liberty because it helps to reduce the National debt.
My friends and co-workers are exchanging FRN's for Silver from me also.
I ordered some brochure's and took one to most of the businesses in town, handed them a brochure to keep and read along with a Silver Liberty to look at. I took that back of course although some did exchange FRN's for one. 4 out of 5 of the owners and managers I spoke with said they would accept it. The rest are reading the brochure. Took me less than an hour to visit about 20 stores. Helps me know where I can shop. Helps the next person to spend real money there also.
While I am waiting for my next order to arrive I am going to track down the local fund raising committees. They could use an extra 5% to 25% profit from the products they sell. Schools and Churches never have enough money.
Paper or Silver. Not a lot to think about.
I was turned down at the local Shell station by a guy who seemed like he has trouble tying his shoes in the morning. Once more by a manager that was afraid his employees would give it out as a silver dollar ($1.00). and the third a kid chased me down in the parking lot because his manager had never seen one and was afraid to take it after I left the store.
Paper or Silver. Too confusing for some. Eventually we will help them understand.

"Why not?"
J Oro, Hollywood, FL

Hello Bernard, I am having so much fun with the Liberty dollar! I have been a Liberty Associate since May, 2002 and I must confess I have not been active until now. A while ago I ordered 50 Liberty’s and they have just been sitting at home (what a waste). Then I got a newsletter from you and I read how people were shopping at Wal Mart and other places; soI though why not?

So a friend of mine took some Liberty dollars to Sam’s Club; he first cleared with the manager if he could shop with it; the manager said “no problem just have the cashier call me when you are ready”. When he was at the checkout he simply handed the silver for payment and…no questions asked, he did not even have to mention the manager!

Then he went to Whole Foods and it was accepted without questions either. From there he went on to Chamberlin’s (another health food store in the area) and bought about $100 worth of groceries. Then the next day I went with him to Whole Foods and had about $30 worth of groceries. We handed two silver Liberty’s and one $10 certificate. The cashier took the silver and then picked up the certificate and examined it. After about a minute she said “I know I can accept the silver but I have to check with the manager about this paper”, she then went to the office and after a few minutes came back and said she could not accept the paper but would happily accept the silver. I then took another “piece” out of my pocket and handed it to her.

At this point I was feeling very confident and decided to try a gas station. I went straight to the counter, handed the guy two Liberty’s and said “twenty dollars on number six please”. The guy examined the coins and smiled, then I said “you have not seen those yet, have you?”, he said no I had not. I walked out the door and went to pump the gas. The pump stopped at $18.54 so I walked back into the store and got my change. The guy said “by the way thanks for the silver, my family collects coins and I had not seen these before”. I told him to look for the website on the back of the Liberty’s and check it out. He was happy.

Wow, long story…but I am excited. Anyway Bernard what I want to do now is get more real money.

"I finally used it!"
Dr. Ellen, Lake Worth, FL

I finally used it!!! What a great feeling. I was eating at a local sports bar/hamburger joint. I was there with my neighbor. (So I have a witness) The bill came and I asked the waitress if they accept payment in silver. She said she did not know, so I suggested she ask the manager. She came back and said sure.