Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

Why use & accept the Liberty Dollar

Besides the obvious reasons, why should my business accept the Liberty Dollar?

You control the acceptance: Although some businesses accept 100% of the purchase price in Liberty Dollars from their customers for merchandise or service, many businesses judge what percentage of their costs must be paid in US dollars and start by accepting just 10-20% in Liberty Dollars. NORFED understands -- we have business expenses that still must be paid in FRN also!

It's profitable: Liberty Merchants can obtain the Liberty Dollar at a discount and realize a profit when it is given to customers at face value as change. (For instance, your customer gives you $20 in US dollars and you give him the change, and pocket the discount.)

Additional Referral: Over time, some of the people who accept the Liberty Dollar in change will return for additional currency. As an Liberty Associate, you can refer anyone of these people as a new Liberty Associate. Then, you earn a one-time $100 referral on all Liberty Associates that you refer.

Traffic builder:
Just as advertising and coupons are utilized to create business, shoppers who use Liberty Dollars seek out and support businesses that accept it. You might feature special merchandise payable in Liberty Dollars to build traffic. Plus, your business is listed on the Liberty Dollar web site as a Liberty Merchant - further promoting your business.

How do you recycle The Liberty Dollar? Simple. Just ask your employees or customers when making change, "Would you like some Liberty Dollars, backed by silver?" You will be amazed how many will readily accept the Liberty Dollar and loyally return to your business, creating more business.

Easy, simple and clean. Anyone can redeem the Silver Certificates at any time. The Liberty Dollar is 100% redeemable in .999 Silver through a nationwide network of Liberty Associates or the National Fuldillment Office. Phone number, URL and simple redemption terms are on the back of every Certificate.

Low cost: You can start accepting The Liberty Dollar without any paperwork. To become a Liberty Associate simply exchange $250 and sign a contract with Liberty Dollar. Your listing will be posted on the Liberty Dollar website. Plus you will receive your first $100 in Liberty Dollars back from the national organization. That's it - and you are on your way.

Easy to use: The Liberty Dollar is available in four silver denominations: $1.00, $5.00, $10, and $20.00 and a $1000.00 Gold Certificate. They fit into the cash register and function on a one-to-one basis with US dollars. They can be included as part of the opening balance for your business and counted at the end of the day, just like US dollars.

Taxes: There is no sales tax on a currency exchange. The Tax Department of the State of California has confirmed this in a letter to Mr. Ed Griffin’s RC. As this may not apply to your state, it is the responsibility of each Liberty Associate to ascertain your tax liabilities for your state.

Minimum exposure: How much of the new currency is in your neighborhood? At this early state, probably not much have you placed in circulation. The fact there is probably very little in circulation, since the first Liberty Dollar was issued on October 1st, 1998. So your risk of being overrun with Liberty Dollars is very low, with zero risk.

Patriotic: The Liberty Dollar is not only good for your business; it is good for the country. By using the currency and helping educate others, you are helping America stay strong.

Builds loyalty: The Liberty Dollar builds business loyalty by distinguishing your business from its competition! Accepting The Liberty Dollar sends the message that you value your customers’ business enough to use & accept a value-backed currency. Get your customers talking to others about the change they got from your store!

Builds employee morale: The Liberty Dollar brings excitement and communication to business. It gets everybody talking. It raises morale & can be used for salaries & awards. The Liberty Dollar is even profitable when used to pay your employees bonuses at face value (after you become a Liberty Merchant and get the Liberty Dollar at a discount.

Vendor relations: While your vendors may not accept Liberty Dollar from you, if you them they may. Many vendors accept Liberty Dollars when they find out that it helps build business in the community by keeping money in the community.

It's user-friendly: Every Certificate has a toll-free phone number and a URL for more information. The back of each Certificate spells out exactly what it represents. The Liberty Dollar is the most user-friendly currency ever!

It's disabled-friendly:
Each denomination of the Liberty Dollar is a different length so that it is convenient for the blind. The Silver Certificates are also different colors and easy to read by senior citizens and young children.

It's community-friendly:
Since The Liberty Dollar is introduced by word of mouth from one neighbor to another, it is a community currency, which circulates in the community and rewards those community businesses that support it.

It's Legal: The U.S. Treasury, the Secret Service, and well-known publications like The Wall Street Journal, Parade, the Utne Reader, and the L.A. Times have investigated the Liberty Dollar. All have acknowledged that The Liberty Dollar is legal.

Currency protection: Be it a sudden currency devaluation or the continued loss of purchasing power of the US Dollar, the Liberty Dollar protects your business because it is backed by silver and operates separately from the banking system.

Security: Ultra high security features that are superior to the new US dollar make The Liberty Dollar impossible to counterfeit. Some of the many security features designed into each piece of currency include special paper, microprinting of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, the Pledge of Allegiance, the First Amendment, and the introduction to the Declaration of Independence in the border, plus an invisible thread containing a DNA code.

Secure system:
As needed, The Liberty Dollar Gold and Silver Certificates are printed under armed guards, transported in secure, tamper-proof boxes, vaulted in a third party warehouse, and audited within a month of closing (audit reports are posted at NORFED guarantees a seamless and secure system.

Success stories: The Liberty Dollar web site contains an ongoing collection of Success Stories describing how businesses and individuals are using the Liberty Dollar to protect your purchasing power - one dollar at a time. Send in your own story and add it to this list to generate more exposure for your business.

What's the downside?: The only catch is that as the Liberty Dollar is voluntary, your bank may not accept it for deposit. Of course, this also means that money cannot be siphoned away from your community by big box retailers. The Liberty Dollar is designed to stay in your community of origin for the advantage of the community. The downside is to the outsiders, those who would saddle America with an inferior, debt-based currency.