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Regional Currency Office FAQ


I'm an existing Liberty Associate. What are the changes that affect me?

Associates can get specie Silver Libertys, paper Silver Certificates and digital Liberty Dollars -- in any quantity -- at the free market discounted rate as posted daily at All ALD currency is now available at a single Associate exchange rate.

Liberty Associates make all exchanges, even exchanges over $10,000 in face value, at the Associate Discounted Rate.

Liberty Associates are not required to maintain a listing on the Liberty Dollar Web site. Only Associates who prefer to make their association with the Liberty Dollar public may be listed on a voluntary basis.

When does this take effect?

The RCO Business Plan was introduced on July 15, 2003. The free market driven price model for the Liberty Dollar was introduced in the January 2004 Newsletter.

Why did the Liberty Dollar make these changes?

In order to capitalize on the Liberty Dollar success and grow the organization via the Regional Currency Office model.

What is the Associate and Merchant Exchange Rate for Liberty Dollars?

The new free market driven Associate and Merchant Discounted Rate is posted daily at the top of the home page. It's a single, simple discount that gives every Associate and Merchant the opportunity to profit with the Liberty Dollar in any format - specie, paper, or digital. It simplifies the explanation of the currency to newcomers immensely.

And it gives Associates a simple way to tell people what they can do with, say, $10 ALD: spend it with a Liberty Merchant and get $10 worth of goods and services or redeem it for one ounce of silver.

The Associate and Merchant Discounted Rate is set daily by Liberty Dollar and is intended to serve as a benchmark for daily transactions and exchanges between Merchants, Associates, RCOs, and the public. This Associate discounted rate is a direct result of a market driven exchange rate that developed as a natural outgrowth of this free-market currency.

How can I succeed as a Liberty Associate in this RCO new plan?

First and foremost, sponsor more Associates! You get a $100 referral every time you do. We need Associates in the organization to help spread the word and grow the base of the currency as widely as possible. Associates who become active, are entrepreneurial, creative, and forward-thinking is the basis of taking this currency to its maximum circulation! You still can make money, do good and have fun with the Liberty Dollar as an Associate.

Second, begin working with your local RCO to sign up more Liberty Merchants. The time has come to grow widespread merchant acceptance so more Merchants use Liberty Dollars and that means you will have more places to use the Liberty Dollar too. They win, you win, and the country wins! Think about it! Associates still get the Liberty Dollar at a discount and can use it at a profit.

What exactly does an RCO do?

RCOs are critical to the entire idea of the Liberty Dollar's success. They handle the local exchanges between different types of currency. They support and mentor the Associates, Merchants, and others in their region (which is defined by Liberty Dollar with a list of postal ZIP codes and map showing their boundaries.)

In return for providing the convertability to the local market, RCOs act as the local distribution point for the currency. Associates and Merchants exchange their FRNs with the local RCO and get ALD at the Associate or Merchant exchange rates.

RCOs have access to the market-driven discounts for the currency and therefore make distributor-type profits when they exchange the currency in their local region. They use their profits to promote the currency locally, find new Associates and Merchants, and handle conversions back to FRNs. All of this is designed to grow the circulation.

As an Associate, get to know your local RCO. If there is no RCO in your area, you can apply to become one, and in the meantime, NORFED will act as the national RCO for those areas without an RCO, until such time as a suitable candidate is found.|top|

Should I apply to become an RCO?

Absolutely! For those whom the idea of becoming more involved with the Liberty Dollar appeals to you (and you know who you are!), we absolutely encourage you to apply to become the RCO for your region.

Unlike Associates or Merchants, RCOs must meet certain requirements, must renew their RCO charter annually, and have other responsibilities as well. Starting an RCO is like starting a small distribution/exchange business. If that prospect seems good to you, then apply, today!

Contact Liberty Dollar at the number or e-mail address at the bottom of the page to find out more about becoming the local RCO for your area.

Does anything change about the redemption of the currency?

Absolutely not! This is one thing that will never change about the Liberty Dollar. It will always be 100% backed and 100% redeemable in gold and silver on demand. That is our whole reason for producing this currency, anyway!

We hope the foregoing has answered your questions and made you as excited about the new RCO model as we are. If you would like to know more or have questions, please contact Liberty Dollar today.

Thanks again for your support to grow and protect your money - one Liberty Dollar at a time!