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Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency
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If you had the ability to
Would you take the necessary action?

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As one of 20,000 concerned Americans who have subscribed to this Newsletter, I would hope that you are better informed about our good country's bad money than most. I would also hope that you have a strong moral feeling and really want to take positive action regarding your money.

Most of you probably don't remember the incredible run in silver in 1979/80. And if you remember it, you probably weren't in the market as I was. Well that was 30 years ago, and I still remember the shear thrill and excitement of that time. It was exciting! The market went crazy. Silver went from $5 to $50 an ounce!!! And a lot of us MADE A LOT OF MONEY. But it was not particularly dangerous.

Now, if you knew that something was going to greatly increase in value, would you buy it? If you knew something was going to greatly lose value, would you sell it? Of course!

Right now is the time for you to take that necessary action to make a lot of money and save our country from the disastrous effects of a hyperinflationary depression.

Silver is about to go crazy AGAIN! But this time it is DIFFERENT. This time, we have a dangerous dictator at the helm. This time it is not just the US dollar that is in trouble; every government with a fiat BS dollar is in danger of defaulting. NO that is WRONG!!! Every out-of-thin-air phony baloney government dollar IS already deflating - RIGHT NOW!!! You either change your money OR LOSE IT.

Regrettably - most people will do nothing. Ya Ya Ya, I have heard all the excuses. Just like the poor Germans a century ago did nothing and lost everything. But hey, if 10% of you just heard this message and took action that would be 2,000 people!!!

As much as I have worked and wished this would happen, I know that 10% of this mailing list is not going to take action! Not even close. But what about ONE PERCENT? One percent would be 20 people! Can 20 people change this country? You bet we can! Change the money - Change the country. The question is: Will you be one of the 20? I hope so.

Two most amazing things about silver: 1) Most people simply do not know where to buy silver. 2) Most people buy silver when it is expensive. In fact, as amazing as it may seem, the higher silver goes, the more people buy silver! Both of these facts mean there is long-term demand for silver.


Your ticket to MAKE A LOT OF MONEY & SAVE OUR COUNTRY is to sell silver to anybody and to everybody who will listen! In the beginning it will be few but that will grow as the country descends into a pit of depreciating debt based fiat money and silver becomes expensive. Remember people love to buy silver when it is expensive!

The cause of our country's problem is its BAD MONEY. And the only solution for our country's problem is our GOOD MONEY. It is really that simple.

Recently, Liberty Dollar introduced "bullion pricing" and drastically reduced prices in an effort to provide silver to as many people as possible. And it worked! Last month, Liberty Dollar had its best month - EVER! And you can too!

Now you can MAKE A LOT MORE MONEY & SAVE AMERICA because Liberty Dollar just cut RCO pricing by 25%!!! The regular price for 1,000 ounces of silver was Spot + $2.00! Now RCOs get it for only Spot + $1.50! A 25% discount! Plus RCOs work together and create "Bulk Orders" so you can get any quantity at this same drastically reduced rate! Will you be one of the 20 new Founding Fathers to take action? I hope so!

Here is the private message that I recently posted to the RCO Group:

Good evening Fellow RCOs:

I am happy to report that Liberty Dollar is having one of its best months in a loooong time. Unfortunately we need to do more, so after months of number crunching and arm-twisting, I am besting the already low bullion rates to only $1.50 over spot silver for RCOs!

This rate is for 1,000 ounce RCO orders ONLY and includes Bulk Order #034 now pending. The minimum RCO order for drop shipment direct from the Mint and participation in Bulk Orders is 128 ounces. Any RCO who wants to get less than 128 ounces should co-share with another RCO. Payment remains due within 24 hours. Any late payment disqualifies RCO from ordering directly with the Office. Please DON'T BE LATE!

PLEASE NOTE: Just as we all know that the price of silver is market sensitive and changes, ditto for the premium over spot price. For many many years the premium for one ounce silver bullion Rounds was $0.50! Then the market skyrocketed, demand out- stripped production and the premium went up. Now we are in a contracted market and the premium has declined. Please be aware that the premium is as market sensitive as silver and will go back up! Please make every effort to make hay while the sun shines.

Now, as great as the $1.50 over spot price is, here is something that is equally amazing. The Mint has agreed to mint a minimum 1,000 ounce order of custom Liberty Dollars for $1.50 over spot plus a $250 set up fee. That means that RCOs can have your own local Liberty Dollar for only $1.75 over spot! And if you don't need 1,000 ounces just host a Bulk Order and co-share with your fellow RCOs! Yes, you will need a reverse die but it is only $750 for regular designs. Please note all reverse die designs must be approved and include $20 NFV, MSRP, and PVBC in addition to the usual weight and fineness.

The best part is that you don't have to pay for your reverse die or even the first 1,000 ounces because you can pre-sell the whole 1,000 ounces!!! And you can pay for the custom reverse die work by issuing a Limited Numbered Edition of 100 Libs and a Hallmarked Edition of 100 Libs. Of course you would want to keep #001 and probably a bunch for Christmas presents and VIP usage plus I typically trade out 10 of each towards the cost for the hand stamped numbering and hallmarking. So if you ONLY sold half for $50 and $30 respectively to collectors, you could make $2000+, more than enough to pay for the die and the annual $1000 RCO fee that will be reinstated in January 2010. Plus if you don't want to market all your numbered and hallmarked Silver Liberty Dollars, just auction them on eBay or wholesale them to the numismatic marketers and get on with your business. Remember silver is headed much higher and increased activity. And as the date is on the obverse, no other die would be necessary… until Liberty Dollar Moves Up to the $50 base… and by that time your business should be booming… and you really won't careJ! Or order a second reverse die with the $50 NFV at the same time for only $500, save $250 and be ready for the Move Up!

Money Back Guarantee

I am so certain that you will enjoy being an RCO, I will refund your $1000 fee at the end of the first year if you make an earnest effort, order over 1000 ounces, return collateral materials and are not 100% satisfied.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing the death of the US dollar and the birth of Private Money! I presume that you have subscribed to the Liberty Dollar News because you are either a government agent or interested in what is happening to our country's money. Now is the time for you to be a part of the Liberty Dollar solution and MAKE A LOT OF MONEY & SAVE OUR COUNTRY! I invite you to be one of the first 20 that I hope will respond to this Alert. Now is the time for you to take action! Please don't wait!!!

Please click HERE for the free RCO application. I will call you upon receipt for a personal discussion and interview.

I hope you find these developments as exciting as I do.
You and America can win if you take action.
Thanks again for your support.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect