Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

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Option 1: Become a Supporter for $10
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Option 1: Become a Supporter for $10

Now you have the opportunity to grow and protect your money from losing more purchasing power, one dollar at a time.

Remember the slow, poor service and spiraling rates of the Postal Service? It was assumed that such a huge, heavily government-subsidized agency could never be changed. But FedEx brought competition to the marketplace, and the Postal Service responded noticeably. The Liberty Dollar emulates the same positive approach by bringing choice to our nation’s inflationary currency. Now you don't have to keep losing money to inflation.

Just as the other local currencies issued in over 60 communities across America are legal, the Liberty Dollar is legal! Furthermore, the Liberty Dollar is a non-profit organization that uses all its revenue to bring about a positive change to the current debt-based monetary system.

Now is the time to start using the Liberty Dollar for your own good and the good of the country! Becoming a Lifetime Supporter costs only $10, and you get your first Liberty Silver Certificate when you join! This money will help us with legal research, outreach events, and marketing the new currency to bring about a peaceful, positive to the debt based US dollar - one dollar at a time!

Each new Supporter receives:

  • A $1.00 Liberty Silver Certificate, your first Liberty Dollar!
  • Economic Solutions, a book about the Federal Reserve ($9.00 value)
  • 27 pages of information on the Liberty Dollar
  • A Supporter card Sign Up Now!

Start as a Supporter for only $10. Now!

Option 2: Open a Regional Currency Office (RCO)

The RCO Business Plan is your opportunity to "highjack" your town and liberate it from the depreciating effects of the US dollar before your money loses more purchasing power. And enjoy the profitable effects of the Liberty Dollar. Yes, this is a Business Plan, and it is your opportunity to get the Liberty Dollar at the greatest discount and do the greatest good for your RCO, family and the community within your region.

The brightest, the most inspired, the action orientated Liberty Associates become RCOs because they know that we must have a reliable monetary system that is based on value, not debt. We have a right to "just weights and measures" and that must start with our money.

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