Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

Why Pay Twice for Silver?

You're NOT!

The Liberty Dollar is NOT an investment. It is a currency. If your goal is to buy silver then you should buy silver bullion.

Please remember that the spot price of silver you see in the paper is for a 5,000 ounce ingot in New York. One ounce silver pieces like the U.S. Mint's Silver Eagle is sold for spot plus $2.00 to $4.00, depending on where and how many you are buying. So at $5.00 silver, one ounce pieces are currently running $7.00 to $9.00, about the same for the $10 Silver Liberty or $10 Silver Certificate.

Also remember the price of the Certificates includes not only the market value of the underlying silver, but also such added costs as minting, storage, insurance, printing and distribution, bookkeeping, support for the Liberty Associates, advertising, and all the other usual expenses of a free-market enterprise. Plus the Liberty Dollar is distributed to Liberty Associates at a discount so they can profit by using the new gold and silver currency and sharing the Liberty Dollar with their friends.

Silver Certificates Provide Convenience

Now You Can Carry 100 Ounces of Silver in Your Wallet

The main advantage is simply that The Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates transform an impractical high weight to value commodity that is difficult to price as a barter item into a useful and valuable tool for commerce.

Silver is a wonderful, valuable metal. But it is heavy and its fluctuating price makes it difficult to use in daily transactions. Sure you might know that silver is $5.17/ounce on a given day, but does the other person know that and is he/she agreeable to use that price? Is that the price that you want for it? Is that what you paid for it? Is that the manufactured price? Or more on target, is $5.17 what you want to get for it? The answer to all these questions is no. As a purchaser, you want as much purchasing power as possible while the store-keeper needs an easy and quick dollar amount for his accounting at the end of the day.

The Liberty Dollar overcomes these difficulties by providing:

  • A market sensitive, free market currency (FMC)
  • A silver backed currency with standard denominations
  • A currency that functions one to one in parallel with the US dollar.

Price Comparison

Never confuse "bulk material costs" with "manufactured goods price". Just as you can't buy a loaf of bread for the 8-10 cents worth of wheat, you can't get a $10 Silver Liberty or Silver Certificate at the spot price of silver. A $2.00 loaf of bread has less than 1/20th bulk material costs. While HALF the cost of a $10 Silver Liberty is bulk material cost with silver at $5.00 per ounce. And the Silver Certificate costs even more with the paper, printing, storage and audits, etc! Liberty Dollars are very reasonable given the costs and quality involved. And of course they provide much more protection and profit than the US dollar.

We chose - therefore we are free.