Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

The Story of THE LIBERTY DOLLAR at the $10 Base

Bernard von NotHaus - Monetary Architect

How To Get Money at a Discount

On one of his frequent trips across the country, Bernard von NotHaus, the Monetary Architect for the Liberty Dollar, got together with a group of Liberty Associates at a rural general store and diner. They sat around a wooden picnic table and talked over a blue-plate special lunch about the future of The Liberty Dollar.

When a lull in the conversation occurred, John, a good old county boy and fellow Liberty Associate who hadn't said anything, finally spoke up from the end of the table.

"Bernard, I gotta tell you that I really like the Liberty Dollar! But I've got a question."

Of course, Bernard loves questions, because he knows that if you get people asking questions, you have a chance to make some progress. So Bernard replied. "John, I think that's great! It shows you're interested in what we're doing. What's your question?"

"Bernard, like I said, I sure like the Liberty Dollar! But I just don't know what to do with it!" Bernard smiled a little as he asked John what he did.

"Oh, I got a store out there in the country," John said with a slow draw.

"Out there in the country!" Bernard exclaimed and asked what kind of store.

"Oh…you know," John said, "We sell gas, beer and you know, that kind of stuff."

So Bernard asked John if he had a cash register? John looked at Bernard with a puzzled look and reassured him, "Of course, I've got a cash register."

"And the real currency, where do you keep your Liberty Dollars?" Bernard inquired.

"Oh, those. I keep them at home in a drawer in my desk. Right where they have been every since I got 'em!" Of course, Bernard pointed out to John that he can't use them there, and John agreed.

So Bernard also explained to John that since he gets Liberty Dollars at a discount, if he puts them in his cash drawer and offers them as change, he could do a world of good and make some money too.

"You mean I can just hand them out as change!?"

"That's right, John. And I bet that since everybody knows you, they would probably accept the Liberty Dollar. And why wouldn't they? After all, you would accept the currency back, right? Just remember, it's completely voluntary. Plus the currency would act as a traffic builder for your business too…"

Well, John wasn't so sure what a 'traffic builder' was but he agreed that people would probably accept it. So, Bernard went back to some of the other Liberty Associates to give John a few moments to mull over his new possibilities of using the Liberty Currency at a profit.

How To Profit With Your Money

It wasn't long until Bernard asked John if he would like to 'make more money' than the just the discount on the paper certificate currency.

" Make more money?" John asked as his eyes widened and he took off his baseball cap. "How do I do that?" John inquired?

"Well John, did you know you can also get some of the one ounce Silver Libertys that back up the paper currency at a discount?" Bernard asked.

"Yeah, I think I heard about that. Isn't it something like, if you get 10, you can get them at $9.00 each?"

"That's right. Liberty Associates can also get the one ounce Silver Libertys at a discount. Today, they are only $8.00 each."

"$8.00!? What'll I do with a bunch of $10 Silver Libertys?"

"Well, do people ever come in to your store and buy a six pack of beer and give you a $20 bill?"

"Yeah, all the time! Seems like I'm changing $20s all day long."

"That means you are sitting on a gold mine! If you got a 100 Silver Libertys and put some of them in your cash register, you could offer them in change. That means that you would get $2 on every one accepted, which is 20…" Bernard didn't even get to finish "20 % on your money".

When John jumped up and yelled, "20%!? That's more than I make on the beer!"

"That's right, John. And when people walk out with a six-pack in one hand and a Silver Liberty in the other one, which one do you think they'll talk about? Here's a clue: It ain't the beer."

John conceded, "That silver currency sure is a conversation piece!"

"Well, John, it is a lot more than just a conversation piece - it is good for your business and good for America too! Pretty soon word will get around that you are giving out silver currency as change, and that word-of-mouth will drive more traffic to your store. That's why it is called a traffic builder."

Then a few months later, when John called the Liberty Dollar office to order some Silver Certificates, the office ladies thought he made a mistake and asked him if he meant Silver Libertys. No, that wasn't the case. As John explained, "People have got so much silver around here, now they want the convenience of the Silver Certificates!"

And on another occasion when John called to place an order, he explained what a traffic builder the silver currency had become. As John commented, "Do you know that people are coming all the way from Charlotte to visit my store!? That's over 50 miles away! All because I'm the only store in the area that gives out silver as change!"

How To Get Started for Free

So even if you don't have a store like John, you can still get the Liberty Dollar at a discount and us it at a profit.

Any individual, business or organization can become a Liberty Associate and get their money at a discount. There are no dues, no meetings, no obligation, or time requirements for Liberty Associates. Nor do they do any redemptions, as the national organization handles all of that.

It only takes $250 to become a Liberty Associate. $100 in Liberty Dollar is returned to you, so your net cost is actually only $150. Don't have $150? Well just sponsor two friends at the same time you become a Liberty Associate and you can get started for free, plus you will be up $50! Because you get $100 for every new Associate you refer. As you refer more people, you'll keep making more money. You can refer anyone, anywhere, anytime over the Internet or do it in person, phone or fax. The Liberty Associate program is not a MLM. It is a single tier referral program that provides a reward for those who have moved to the head of the money line. Isn't it time you moved to the head of the line? Become a Liberty Associate TODAY!

The Liberty Dollar proves that the money system works better when the people are first in the money line instead of at the end of the line where money costs the most and is worth the least. By becoming a Liberty Associate, you to jump from the head of the line in the monetary system, where money is worth the most.

With the Liberty Dollar you have an opportunity to make money by getting silver, paper silver certificates, and digital Liberty Dollars at a market driven discount. And if you open a Regional Currency Office for your area, you can get the Liberty Dollar at the greatest exchange rate and make the most money.

Liberty Lives Here!

Tales from the front lines...

"I spent my first $10 in ALD! I spent it! And on my first try! I can't wait to spend more!"
-B. I., Austin, TX

"I have done this several times and get a real thrill out of people's reaction. I deliberately put ten dollars worth of gas in my car and when I go in to pay for it I put a ten-dollar bill and the ALD on the counter with the ten-dollar side of the coin up so it's visible. I offer the clerk the opportunity to make a choice and only once out of probably eight times did they not take the silver. Great fun!"
- F. D., Hillsboro NH

"I simply hand them the silver currency as payment. 95% of the businesses accept it." C. A., Austin TX "It's fun, and very simple."
- L. F., Victor MT

"I showed $1 ALD and a $10 Silver Liberty to a waiter at the Outback Steakhouse near my house. He asked, "Have you got any more?" I showed him a $5 and $10. He said, "You mean I can buy these for $26? "Yes." Whereupon he gave me $26 USD."
- M. H., Fremont CA

"…on each of the last three days I had someone trade me a $10 Federal Reserve Note for a $10 Silver Liberty."
- R. O., Alcoa TN

"My wife and I were at a local Costco club and made a purchase of $128. I pulled out $60 in Liberty Checks and the rest in ALD. This is my largest purchase with ALD to date."
- M. B., Portland OR

"Today I used it to pay for a money order at a large grocery store chain and I also paid part of my gas bill with it! I am finding that most people really like the idea of currency that is backed by precious metals."
- E. H., Mariposa CA

"I now pay for my lunch in real money."
-V. C., Tahoma WA

The Liberty Dollar

The Liberty Dollar was introduced in 1998 and has been acknowledged as being legal by the U.S. Treasury. It is a genuine value-backed currency that can be redeemed for the fully insured gold and silver stored in an independent, audited warehouse. The Liberty Dollar supports American ideals of freedom, liberty, independence, free enterprise, and prosperity:

FREE: Anyone can participate and use the new currency. Right now, there are over 100,000 users and thousands of Liberty Associates worldwide.

SOUND: The Liberty Dollar is 100% backed by gold and silver, not by debt. It is the only value-backed money in circulation in the U.S.

INDEPENDENT: Unlike US dollar, use of the Liberty Dollar is completely voluntary. Each silver certificate independently audited and is redeemable in gold and silver by the bearer 'on demand'.

CONVENIENT: The Liberty Dollar exchanges dollar-for-dollar with the US dollar, and is a convenient way for Americans to pay for everyday purchases with precious metals.

PROFITABLE: The Liberty Dollar enables people to get money at a discount and profit from inflation. With the Liberty Dollar, the people come first where the money is worth the most.

Liberty Dollar

The Liberty Dollar is distributed by a national, educational, non-profit organization since 1998.