Real Money, The Liberty Dollar
Real Money, The Liberty Dollar, America's Inflation Proof Currency

How to Approach Businesses with the Liberty Dollar

"The ultimate local business referral currency."

Initially, we have been content with asking Merchants to accept the Liberty Dollar. But while Merchants agreed to accept Liberty Dollars, with no currency in circulation, there was usually nothing for the Merchant to accept. Plus the Merchant was faced with two major questions: 1) "If it was not government money, why should I use it?" 2) "If I can't deposit it in the bank, how can I use it?" Creating a local Association of Merchants and repositioning the Liberty Dollar as "the ultimate local business referral currency" nullifies both the lack of circulation and the two questions.

As work-in-progress, this Script will help us discover the most successful way to approach businesses to use the Liberty Dollar. Your input is critical for us to succeed with the business community and our ultimate goal to return our great country to an honest monetary system. Please modify the text below as you think best, and send the revised text as a Word document to

Merchant Script:

[As this is a business call, appropriate dress is recommended.]

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The conversation usually starts with the merchant saying, "How can I help you?"

RCO/Associate: "I want to tell you about a small merchant Association in this area that can help you compete with the large corporations surrounding you. It doesn't cost anything to get involved, and if you follow the simple program, it will actually pull customers away from the big corporations and bring them into your store. Plus it will generate more profit for your business"

Merchants are usually immediately interested, especially since it doesn't cost them anything. Continue with, "Remember when you and I were in high school, we could take a dollar down to the gas station and buy four gallons of gas with it?"

If they remember 25-cent gas, they say, "Yeah, but we'll never see those days again."

Then say, "Well, guess what? That old, real Silver Dollar is now worth $10 and if you could use it at the gas station it would still buy four gallons of gas."

Then pull out a US Silver Dollar and show it to the Merchant. "Silver still has its value. It is the green paper that is now worth a lot less. That's why it takes more of it to buy gas. As a matter of fact, if you think about it, you will realize that gas, groceries and most everything else has NOT gotten more expensive. It only seems that way because the value of the paper is worth less and less and so it takes more and more of the green paper money to buy the same goods. Most people look at the situation completely backwards. They think prices go up, but in reality it is the value of the green paper that is actually going down. Think about it."

Pause. Let the Merchant think about what you just said.

This usually brings about the first glimmerings of understanding from the average person who knows his money doesn't buy what it once did but doesn't really understand why.


This is usually as far as you need to go with the problems with FED money, but if you get someone who is particularly interested give them another clarifying example of paper losing its value and say, "It's obvious to you now that the paper has lost value, but can you tell me where that value went?"

Most people don't have a clue, but once in a while someone will get it right. Some say inflation, but I explain to them that inflation is only a name that has been given to what happens to the value of the money, but it doesn't tell you where that value went. Here is a graphic explanation of who got the lost value.

"Let's say that in 1965, when the government took the silver out of our money, the banker hired you to do 1000 hours of common labor for him. A reasonable rate for labor at that time was one dollar an hour, so he paid you with 1000 green paper dollars. Let's also say that you had a regular job and were doing OK, so you decided to put this 1000 dollars away for retirement. Now, forty years later, you decide you want to hire the banker's handyman to do 1000 hours of common labor for you and you approach the banker. The banker agrees to rent his handyman to you, but when you say you are going to pay for the 1000 hours of labor with the 1000 green dollars the banker gave you in 1965, he says, "Uh, just a minute. I can't do that. The rate for common labor these days is $10 an hour. I can only give you 100 hours of labor for that same $1000."

Then you say, "Now you wait a minute, isn't this the same money that your bank created and you told me was worth 1000 hours of labor? But now you are telling me you won't give me back the value that you said it had?"

"What is wrong with this picture? It doesn't take much thought to see that the banker will NEVER give you back the value for the paper that you gave him for it, even if only forty minutes have passed. The longer you hold his paper money, the less real value he will give you back for it because the money is NOT backed by silver. It allows them to rob the people over time without the majority of people realizing or understanding what happened."

Now the person understands that his lost purchasing value went into the pocket of the banker when the money was issued.

RCO/Associate: "It is becoming clear to an increasing number of Americans, that our money simply does not buy what it did and if we still had silver we could protect our purchasing power and even profit. So a group of businesses have formed an Association to do just that - Start using their own silver money: the ultimate local business referral currency."

Hand a Merchant Directory to the merchant. "Here is a list of local merchants in the Association. You will undoubtedly recognize some of them and perhaps some of those in the surrounding towns. You will notice that there are no big corporate chains among them."

They may notice the words Liberty Dollar on the list and say something about it, which is fine, because now it is time to "Do the Drop". Ask the merchant to, "Hold out your hand."

RCO immediately does The Drop and says NOTHING. The Merchant is now holding a big, shiny, beautiful, heavy item. He has never seen it before. This moment is magical. Don't say ANYTHING. Let the Merchant savor the moment. Continue to wait… for a full minute or more.

Wait until the Merchant says something. Almost regardless of what he says, reply with, "This is a Ten Dollar Silver Liberty. It is the glue that binds the Association together. It is pure silver. The big retail corporations will not officially accept it, although an occasional employee, who wants to keep it, does. That means anyone who has Liberty Dollars will seek out stores in the Association when they want to spend them, and when you give out Liberty Dollars as change, you are guaranteeing a return customer for yourself or one of your fellow Association merchants. The Liberty Dollar is designed to circulate in the community of Association merchants and customers and NOT be shipped out to Bentonville, Arkansas or some corporate headquarters."

"This is the new SILVER Liberty Dollar - The ultimate local business referral currency." Stop talking. Don't say anything. Let the Merchant continue to ponder the Silver Liberty he is holding and what you said. You may want to say this sentence again. Later add, "The Liberty Dollar is legal, just like the other forty private currencies in circulation in the US, except it is 100% pure silver."

Do not engage the Merchant in any discussions regarding the government, national debt, value of the US Dollar, political or monetary problems, etc. UNLESS the Merchant initiates such a discussion. Answer his questions in the briefest way possible.

When asked if big chains accept it or why they don't accept it, simply explain, "Because the big box retailers are in bed with the big bankers. The retailers say that if the banks won't accept it, they won't accept it. Of course, if you understand the true nature of the big retailers, you realize that they are mostly owned by the big bankers, either directly or indirectly."

When asked why the banks won't take it, the obvious reply is, "Because it is not their money. They want control of the money so they could depreciate it. Remember we used to have silver in our money, but the bankers convinced the government to remove it. Once you realize how they benefit from your use of their money, it is easy to see why they wanted to remove the silver backing."

Remember the Merchant's primary mission is to "make money". Sure, he may be concerned about the community good, big box retailers, etc. but if he is not profitable, he will not be in business. So keep the focus on the benefits of the Liberty Dollar for his business.

RCO/Associate: "This $10 Silver Liberty is a 'Trade Dollar' that is designed to circulate in OUR community and boost YOUR business. It is pure silver - so is has real intrinsic value. It is TEN DOLLARS and you can use it in place of a $10 bill. The more you use, the more your business will profit."

Pause. Stop talking. Let the Merchant think about what you said. Give the Merchant a chance to ask a question. Answer his question, remembering to KISS. Then immediately retain control of your presentation.

RCO/Associate: "There are several ways your business can profit with the Liberty Dollar. Simply offer this Silver Liberty (Do the Drop again.) as change to your customers. As a member of the Association, you can get THIS MONEY at a discount and profit when you use it for change."

RCO/Associate: "But the big benefit to your business is as a 'traffic builder'. When your customers leave with a big, shiny, beautiful Silver Liberty, they will invariably show it to their family and friends. And when asked where they got it, they will mention your business. Customers will come from other Associates businesses too."

Pause. Again, give the Merchant a chance to ask a question. Answer his question, remembering to KISS. Then immediately retain control of your presentation.

If the Merchant asks why the Liberty Dollar is the 'ultimate' local business referral currency tell them, "Because it is our own money, it has real value that doesn't depreciate, and circulates for the advantage of your business and the community. So it is not just you, trying to grow your business, all the other Merchants will likewise be giving out this Directory with your name in it too."

RCO/Associate: "The Silver Liberty Dollar is the natural money for building local commerce. The more it circulates locally, the more business it creates, bringing merchants and consumers together to share in the real wealth of the community. Unlike the bank's green paper, the Liberty Dollar stays in circulation near your business. It can only be spent with local businesses. And as you would certainly accept it from your own customers, it is especially good for you."

Give the Merchant a chance to ask a question. Answer his question, remembering to KISS. Then immediately retain control of your presentation.

RCO/Associate: "Using the Liberty Dollar is real simple. This is a Merchant Display and a Merchant Countermat (hold up both) that are used by all the merchants in the Association. Simply put this on your counter and offer a Silver Liberty Dollar to your customers in place of a $10 bill by dropping it into their hands. If you are asked any questions just tell your customers that it is the new silver money that is good for the community, and give them a brochure."

Be sure to emphasize to the Merchant that it is not his business to "sell" the Liberty Dollar. He should simply offer it as change and not get into any long monetary discussions unless he has the time.

RCO/Associate: "The more you use, the more you will grow your business, and profit. The $10 Silver Liberty Dollar is available at a discount so you can profit. There is an introductory discount of 10 percent and we guarantee to buy back any Silver Libertys you do not use at the same rate. Each $10 Silver Liberty is only $9 and you can't get $10 for only $9 at your bank! You can call me at any time to return these beauties - or most likely - to get more. Plus I will check back with you in two weeks to hear your "success stories" as I know your customers will love these Silver Libertys for birthday presents, premiums for their own business… and to protect their purchasing power! As you know, there are thousands of uses for MONEY! And on of the most important is 'a story of value'. They are available in rolls of 25. How many would you like to start with... 5, 10, or a roll of 25…?"

Then STOP TALKING. Wait until the Merchant tells you how many he wants. Yes, it is as it a 'currency exchange' it is a 'cash sale'. Be sure to give the Merchant a receipt to establish the price if it is necessary for you to buy them back.

After the exchange, show the merchant the Merchant Label and offer to put it on his door. Explain to him that you will update the Merchant Directory with his business info and deliver some of the new Directories as soon as they are printed.

Be sure to thank the Merchant for his support for the local economy and the Liberty Dollar. Reiterate that you are available for his questions, and give him your card if you haven't already done so.

Update your Merchant Directory often. As soon as you get five new Merchants, print and deliver it to ALL your Merchants. Be sure to take the opportunity to visit with your Merchants and ask for THREE referrals from each Merchant. Every Merchant knows other Merchants, and has friends and family in business. Your best leads will come from your existing Merchants. Be sure to ask for three referrals every time you visit them.

Call the Liberty Dollar office with your questions, concerns, and feedback. Change this script to fit your presentation. Share you successes with the RCO Group so we can all do the best job and enjoy similar successes. We look forward to hearing from you. Good Luck! Thank you for your continued support to protect America's money - one dollar at a time.